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Crepe Expectations - Original Comedy Dinner Theatre Show

Crepe Expectations - Weddings with Piles of Excellence

Dinner theatre - a meal and a show!

Join Tony Piles as he launches Crepe Expectations, his brand new wedding services company. He has invited all who knows what's what in the industry, and has set up a night to impress! The only problem...there is no loving couple!

Tony has to put together a faux wedding, complete with all the trimmings - think four-tiered cake, doves in a cage, and so on - and hold a dinner party that will go down in wedding event history. He has just one waiter (his cousin), and a groom who (as well as being an aspiring actor) is a lot more dramatic than even the biggest bride-zilla, and a mother who doesn't seem to understand boundaries. The rest is entirely dependant on the winds of fate.

An interactive and hilarious comedy dinner theatre show

Crepe Expectations is a night of hilarious fun, where you are as much a part of the action as the performers.

Crepe Expectations is a completely original script, but each show is different, as several key characters are picked from the audience itself! Most of the Bride and her side of the family are unwitting dinner attendees, roped into Tony's increasingly desperate efforts to keep the night afloat. Don't worry, he has a "beautiful" wedding gown all ready to slip right over whatever you're wearing, all you need to do is to think up the beautiful vows - just don't outdo the groom!

A great event idea for those without any ideas!

Is a loved one's milestone birthday coming up? In charge of organizing a dinner event for the company, but you absolutely have no idea how to please everyone? This is the event idea for you.

Everyone likes a show, and everyone likes to laugh. As this is a fully catered evening (Tony won't let up the chance to show off just how gourmet his food can be), even the meal is sorted! The hijinks will even create priceless photo opportunities - after all, everyone loves a wedding.

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Crepe Expectations - Original Comedy Dinner Theatre Show

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