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Dracula Character Impersonator Performer Hire

Dracula Character Impersonator Performer Hire

"I vant to suck your blood…."

The Count Dracula character impersonator performer will surely chill the blood in the veins of your guests as they hear these and other haunting and spine tingling phrase whispered from the cloaked figure in the shadows.

Dracula is a classic character made famous by Bram Stoker, and has many incarnations and iterations throughout modern history. When people think "vampire", people think Dracula!

Dracula Character Impersonator hire is great for any event that need a bit of spookiness, or simply to add some great costumed goodness! Our Dracula impersonator will mingle with the guests and give them the fright of their lives, as well as pose for photos (just don't be shocked if he doesn't actually appear in any of them!)

An unforgettable addition to any Halloween party guest list or spooky event - you cannot go past Dracula!

Our character hire performers are professional actors and performers who not only look the part, but their characteristics and mannerisms are perfect to the role. Check out our other impersonators and characters, or call or contact us for more information about what sort of characters we can bring to your event. Our characters suit all sorts of events, from private to corporate, funny to serious, young and old!

We have creative event entertainment solutions for all events, from large corporate events to private parties. Nothing is too big! Our high level of professionalism ensures you a stress free evening that your guests will talk about for months, event years, to come.

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!

Dracula Character Impersonator Performer Hire

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