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Drunk Santa Performer Hire - Adults Only Christmas Fun

Drunk Santa Performer Hire - Adults Only Christmas Fun

A strictly Adults Only Act - for the Silly Season

What happens if the Santa your guests were expecting...arrives after having a few too many "glasses of milk"? It's tough getting to billions of people in just one night, ya know!

Meet your Drunk Santa - complete with his bottle and “ciggie”, he's doing his best but its all going a little pear shaped! Still, he's here now, so why don't you just hop on his lap and...oh...oh wait...urrrp!

A hilarious take on classic Santa for parties with a great sense of humour!

Hiring a Drunk Santa performer for your office Christmas party or silly season get together is a hilarious experience. Consult with our event entertainment specialists to make sure that this act is the best choice for your guests - because when Drunk Santa appears, his Santa gloves come off!

Drunk Santa will do a big entrance (we can make sure the DJ has a Christmas track for the entrance) and then help with the handing out of your awards, presents, etc. Just don't expect him to remember who's been naughty or nice...or even where he is...!

We can also pre-prepare him with a personalised poem to be read out. The personalised poem will need at least 2 weeks to put together, so get in touch as early as possible.

We only provide this Drunk Santa performing character to events where no children will be present or able to witness - please ensure this is guaranteed before enquiring!

Professional performer for your event experience

Bringing a whole new level of meaning "Silly Season", our Drunk Santa performer will leave the adults in stitches over his crazy antics and embarrassing goofs as he tries so hard to be the Jolly Man In Red. Your guests' experience will all in good fun - the professional actor will play the part of the inebriated Father Christmas to perfection, while skilfully reading the tone of the room.

"I was really happy with Michael and his performance as Drunk Santa, he was able to gauge the crowd really quickly and adapt accordingly. It’s a tough gig in that it can be a fine-line between what the client is after, and offending people in the room, but Michael didn’t miss a beat!" - Shane Buzza, Perfect Events

If you're after a much more children friendly Santa Claus, check out the link! Maybe you're looking for another twist on the traditional Santa? Check out our Grinch character performer!

We have creative event entertainment solutions for all events, from large corporate events to private parties. Nothing is too big! Our high level of professionalism ensures you a stress free evening that your guests will talk about for months, event years, to come.

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Drunk Santa Performer Hire - Adults Only Christmas Fun

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