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Fawlty Catering Fawlty Towers Impersonators Tribute Show

Fawlty Catering Fawlty Towers Impersonators Tribute Show

A mad mix of comic characters for your next event. 

Tailor the entertainment to your event – Fawlty Catering Tribute Show will enhance your dinner or cocktail event OR choose Gourmet Night for the FULL Fawlty Towers Tribute Experience – Make it a night to remember.

Fawlty Towers was originally developed for television in the 1970’s by John Cleese and Connie Booth.  The hit series quickly developed cult status with plots centred on the “customer service” provided at the small Torquay Hotel.

Now, Applause Entertainment has handpicked some of Australia’s best actors and impersonators and re-created the team of kooky characters ready to “assist” at your next event.

Why does the Fawlty Catering Tribute Show work for your event?

It works because when these classic characters sincerely want to give your guests a good time, but everything goes wrong, mayhem and confusion is born. The antics of the characters trying to "help" and accomodate the guests despite everything falling apart will create genuine joy and hilarity. The Fawlty characters' sincere but ill-advised attempts to please everyone will eventually see everything turn out okay - hopefully!

Here are your Fawlty characters:

  • Basil Fawlty: The harassed hotelier struggles under the weight of his wife’s instruction and the responsibility of running the hotel. He tries to hold everything together - but just seems to make every situation worse! Just don't mention the WAR! The tense, rude, extremely sarcastic and...
  • Sybil Fawlty: Basil’s bossy wife loves a good natter. Effective and sharp tongued and yet notoriously lazy- she can always be heard with her machine gun laugh and her catch phrase "I know".
  • Manuel: From Barcelona, the unfortunate hapless Spanish waiter speaks English very good - he learnt from a book.
  • Polly: The comparatively normal, good natured chambermaid
  • And an array of demanding and eccentric guests.

With some of the funniest characters in television history, impersonated by experienced  talented actors each character that you invite to your event provides an opportunity for comical interaction that will get your guests giggling. 

A failsafe entertainment option that can be tailored to any corporate event. Our Fawlty Catering Tribute shows are much loved and popular amongst our clients.

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for everything you did for Dad’s party. Everyone hasn’t stopped talking about it! You guys were hilarious!! It was honestly the best party my dad has ever had and watching him laugh and smile all night was beyond awesome. My 9 year old niece took one of your cards up to my brother and told him she wants you at her party HAHAHA I can’t put in words the amount of gratitude I have for you guys and how much we all loved it." - Stavrelle, Dad's surprise birthday party.

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Fawlty Catering Fawlty Towers Impersonators Tribute Show

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