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Fembots Science Fiction Themed Character Hire

Fembots Science Fiction Themed Character Hire

Are they human…or android?

With ethereal beauty that traverse the line between human and machine, these fembots have walked straight out of sci-fi films and into your event.

These fembots characters are the retro androids from the imaginations of science fiction and fantasy films. With inspirations from films such as Back to the Future (link is to our Back to the Future party theme - check it out), Tron, Blade Runner, Robocop, and the aesthetics of that era, as well as more contemporary influences of today’s technology, these fembots have been designed to be the embodiment between human and machine - between nostalgia and the future.

Our fembot androids have special costumes that light in the dark, creating the illusion that these characters are powered by something more than just a heartbeat. The fembot androids' makeup is also designed and applied by professional special effects makeup artists, and draw the eyes to the android fembots’ inhuman beauty, with cold, dark lips and bright, clever eyes, there is an element of the foreign unknown in their appearance.

Enhance your event theme

Fembots characters are great for corporate events that want an edgy and futuristic feel, all while keeping the entertainment classy, sophisticated, and slick. Guests will love to take photos with these fembots, and they help enhance and complete your event’s science fiction theme.

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Our performers and actors are professional performers all skilled in event entertainment and performance. They are guaranteed to keep your guests entertained and talking for months about their wonderful experience.

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Fembots Science Fiction Themed Character Hire

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