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Freeze-Action Photo Booth Hire

Freeze Action Photo Booth

Capture the moment from every angle

Also known as “bullet time”, a freeze action photo – or freeze frame photo – is the amazing style of visual graphics made famous by The Matrix movies. It’s the idea that time is slowed down so much that the camera/audience moving around normally has the relative speed of a bullet – and so we can see a single moment from every angle. Freeze action bullet time is super gorgeous, and people never stop marvelling at the technology.

As you can imagine, there doesn’t (yet) exist a camera that actually can move as fast as a bullet. Freeze frame photos and videos are created in a highly technological environment, and relies on multiple camera setup as well as computer generated graphics. The good news is, the technology is good enough so that we can offer you your very own freeze action bullet time photo booth.

Make your party a “number one with a bullet”

Whether it’s a corporate celebration, a special party for someone special in your life, or as a way to draw more people to your expo, brand, product…you’re going to be on the look for something that will get people excited.

The freeze action photo booth is guaranteed to have people gawking to see what’s going on, because the camera rig setup already looks really interesting. When they hear about what it actually is, they’ll be lining up to take photos.

The freeze action booth uses a multiple DSLR camera setup, fanning out around the posing area to capture the action from multiple angles. Then, it’s a matter of choosing what moment in time you want to capture, striking the pose, and the camera technician will snap the perfect moment. Don those sunglasses, enter the Matrix, and watch as that perfect moment comes to life as a special freeze frame short.

A new way to re-create classic memories

We’ve all seen the photos of the bridal bouquet catch, or a group of friends jumping up in the air together. These are just some of the moments that the special freeze moment photo booth can transform into a fresh, new format.

This also means great news for brand activations and product promotion – you’re using a fresh new format in order to demonstrate to potential customers your fresh new ideas and products. You’ll stand out against your competition, and they’ll have something to take home, which is yet another avenue that you can take to cement brand positioning and awareness.

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Photo booths are the biggest thing!

Make sure you are including a photo booth – no matter what kind – at your next event. They encourage attendees to actively engage with your event, they give them something to take home, and they give you the flexibility to promote your event even more.

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Freeze-Action Photo Booth Hire

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