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Gingerbread House Building Workshop for Children's and Christmas Parties

Gingerbread House Building Workshop

Now you can build your house and eat it too…

Even though the gingerbread house in Hansel and Gretel turned out to be a trap set by the wicked witch, every child was taken by the idea of a house made with delicious gingerbread walls, with furniture and windows made from gumdrops and candy. Now you can make your own gingerbread house at our gingerbread house building workshop, without the scary witch.

Gingerbread house building workshops are perfect for Christmas time festivities, either as the main focus of the party, or as an attraction for a bigger event. Gingerbread house building workshops can be inserted into a variety of events, so be sure to speak with us about adding a gingerbread house building workshop to your Christmas event.

This is a fun workshop for adults and children, such as at the corporate family event during end of year celebrations, or for the family Christmas party, where you want to keep the children entertained while the adults can relax – or the adults can join in the gingerbread house building! Christmas is a time for festivities and family, and what better way to celebrate together than by making something together?

Do you have a sweet tooth, and can’t wait until Christmas? The gingerbread house building workshops are also a great idea for charity fundraisers, school events, social events, and more! What a lovely way to gather together and participate in a fun team activity, and with a treat at the end as well!

The gingerbread houses can make great presents, but the real gift is in the laughter and fun you can have while building the gingerbread houses together.

Pair the Gingerbread house building workshop along with other Christmas themed entertainment to really bring in the Christmas cheer! Our helpful elves and jolly Santa will create a magical Christmas memory.

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Gingerbread House Building Workshop for Children's and Christmas Parties

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