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The Goon Show Tribute Live Act

The Goon Show Tribute Live Act

The beloved BBC Radio comedy show ‘The Goon Show’ has been remade live for your event. The Goon Show Tribute Live Act perfectly emulates the comedy, tone, and style of the classic Goon Show as created by Spike Milligan.

The original Goon Show utilized sound effects, clever puns and surreal humour to create a radio show that took on international fame. The Goon Show’s comedy and styles has had influences on many aspects of comedy and culture, from Monty Python to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy...

The Goon Show tribute performers have artfully and faithfully captured the voices of the original show, and brings it to you live on stage for your event.

Recreating the classic

The live Goon Show tribute act show features the original Goon Show episodes as written by Spike Milligan, with original sound effects that stay true to the BBC radio show. Your guests will be marvelling at the nostalgia of this tribute performance. Previous audience members have remarked that they had mistaken the tribute performers for the real deal, and raved at the nostalgia of hearing the hilarious lines once again. Relive the classic memories of The Goon Show.

Bring the Goons to your event

The live Goon Show tribute act is perfect for your next event. It can be worked around a meal, with the show broken up to incorporate intervals and meal breaks. This makes it the perfect dinner show for your corporate function or social club evening. Bring back the nostalgia, or introduce your friends and colleagues to a type of comedy that they’ll love!

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The Goon Show Tribute Live Act

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