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Kath and Kim Impersonator Hire – Iconic Australian Duo

Kath and Kim Impersonator Hire – Iconic Australian Duo


Kath and Kim are characters developed by and starring Australians Jane Turner and Gina Riley. The dysfunctional mum Kath and daughter Kim are iconic and instantly reminiscent of catchphrases like “look at moiye!” They are the ladies you love to watch and love more to meet.

Our Kath and Kim Impersonators are bona fide 100% true blue Australian, and will come with all the charms of the original duo. We all know someone who’s a little like Kath and Kim – but wouldn’t it be nice to meet them? Better yet, invite them to greet your guests for an even funnier experience.

Kath and Kim would be perfect for Australia Day events, or nostalgic themed parties where the nasal nuances of the Aussie mum and daughter will bring tears of laughter to everyone’s eyes. 

Our character hire performers are professional actors and performers who not only look the part, but their characteristics and mannerisms are perfect to the role. Check out our other impersonators and characters, or call or contact us for more information about what sort of characters we can bring to your event. Our characters suit all sorts of events, from private to corporate, funny to serious, young and old!

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Kath and Kim Impersonator Hire – Iconic Australian Duo

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