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Mad Hatter Character Alice in Wonderland Impersonator Performer Hire

Mad Hatter Character Alice in Wonderland Impersonator Performer Hire

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?"... "I haven't the slightest idea." - Mad Hatter

Whether is it your birthday, or “unbirthday” make sure you invite this unique and unusual character.

A very gracious, albeit eccentric, host Mad Hatter character hire will delight your guests with quirky banter and add a mischievous air to your “tea party”.

The Mad Hatter character impersonator will add another theatrical and comical dimension to your Alice In Wonderland tea party themed event. As he welcomes your guests using with best, although of unorthodox, manners no one will be able to refuse his gracious offer of tea. The Mad Hatter impersonator performer will even perform magic tricks at your party.

Watch the video, or browse through our other Alice in Wonderland themed event ideas. 

Our character hire performers are professional actors and performers who not only look the part, but their characteristics and mannerisms are perfect to the role. Check out our other impersonators and characters, or call or contact us for more information about what sort of characters we can bring to your event. Our characters suit all sorts of events, from private to corporate, funny to serious, young and old!

For more Alice in Wonderland tea party magic, invite the Mad Hatter along with some of his other colourful companions and cast members. A frazzled White Rabbit will be the perfect companion to Mad Hatter, or how about the imposing Queen of Hearts? There's the imposing Caterpillar, and don't forget the curious Alice herself.

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Mad Hatter Character Alice in Wonderland Impersonator Performer Hire

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