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Mime Marcel Marceau Impersonator

In 1947, Marcel Marceau created "Bip", the clown who in his striped pullover and battered, beflowered silk opera hat — signifying the fragility of life became his alter ego.

Bip's misadventures with everything from butterflies to lions, on ships and trains, in dance-halls or restaurants, are limitless.

Hire a Marcel Marceau's Bip impersonator performer at your next event to create that captivating entertainment for all to admire. Hire Multiples for greater effect! We have a variety of Mime artists based across Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Make your enquiry now to find out more! Also available are Mime shows such as "Les Deux Mimes". Excellent way to spice up your French themed event.

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Mime Marcel Marceau Impersonator

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