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Mini Golf Hire for School Festivals, Fetes, and Corporate Family Days

Mini Golf Hire for School Festivals, Fetes, and Corporate Family Days

Putt some smiles on their dials!

Mini golf is, unsurprisingly, the mini-version of the wonderful game of golf. Focusing purely on the putting aspect of golf, Mini Golf is perfect for both kids and adults.

Currently, Mini Golf Hire is only available in Victoria.

It’s simple but hard at the same time

The goal of Mini Golf is simple: Get the ball in the hole with as few moves as possible. This sounds simple, and can lead to tonnes of fun for everyone. The mini golf course can have all sorts of obstacles, tricks, and hazards, that players have to figure out, so it’s a game of strategy as well as skill.

But for the more serious players, Mini Golf can be a very competitive sport, where players scrutinize the playing field to chase that allusive hole-in-one. When the pressure is on, it’s not as easy as you think.

Easy and friendly competition

If your company family day is in need for activities to keep the kids occupied, Mini golf hire is an excellent option that promotes activity and friendly competition. Hire a mini-golf course in conjunction with other fun activities, like a crafts table, jumping castle, or even petting zoo, and you’ll have some very happy – and busy – kids!

The mini golf hire is also a great addition to school fetes and festivals. You can run a fundraising competition to see who can putt the lowest stroke, with proceeds going to a local charity. Or maybe a friendly battle of teachers vs students?

"Thanks for organising the day – there was a fantastic vibe created with the mini golf theme. Everyone had a lot of fun and got involved in competition. It all contributed to a fundraiser for charity, in which we raised a lot of money for mental health awareness! Wish we had access to a mini golf course every day in the office for a hit at lunch!" - Michael Whiteside, Cadreon

Mini Golf Hire for your event

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Mini Golf Hire for School Festivals, Fetes, and Corporate Family Days

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