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Stunt BMX Bike Trick Performer Hire

Stunt BMX Bike Trick Performer Hire

"Totally Rad Skills dude"

Bicycles as spectacle began immediately after the advent of the bicycle.

BMX stunts and bike tricks are high energy, and extremely exhilarating to watch. It can be employed as a classic circus act, or a contemporary performance.

Bicycle tricks date to the days of Thomas Edison, who filmed the first bicycle trick footage in 1899, according to online cycling magazine "Fat BMX". This classic circus act can be hired for your event, festival or street parade entertainment!

Check out some of our past Circus themed events with circus clowns character performers to see how crazy and fun we can make your event! (12)

If you want to be part of the action, we also provide Circus Workshops for corporate team building events. It's a fun and creative way to build on personal skills, achievements, and team skills, while learning something new! Also see our Juggling to Succeed Workshops, which focuses on the skill of juggling as a way to achieve your goals.

BMX stunts and bike tricks are available to be tailored to your theme - from Santa, a Bogan character to the classy top hat and tails! Let us know what you are thinking?

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!

Stunt BMX Bike Trick Performer Hire

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