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The Colonel Character Performer Hire

The Colonel Character Performer Hire

"Greetings Old Boy"

Hailing from a bygone era The Colonel will rove your event speaking about his amazing and eye opening experiences

This relic of British Colonialism, (and strangely looking like the Jumanji character!), The Colonel will regale you about commanding the armed forces (he managed the supplies store) and his many adventures hunting the big game in South Africa and the Colonies. Often times a bumbling half wit – The Colonel is very good at rapport building with your guests and winning admiration of his listeners!

Safari/Jungle themed events have never been more authentic

No longer will you ever hold a lacklustre Safari themed event - with authentic characters such as The Colonel, the guests will feel like they are trapezing through the Safari Desert, or the Amazonian Jungle!

Ask us about event styling to complete the authentic Safari/Jungle themed event. Our professional event and venue stylers will make sure that your guests step through the door to another dimension. Match the event styling to the character performer - such as The Colonel - to create the ultimate authentic experience.

The Colonel Character Performer Hire

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