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A Hens and Bucks Night with a Difference

Hollywood likes to portray Hens and Bucks nights (or Bachelor’s and Bachelorette’s parties) as big, glamorous, boozy nights out, complete with crazy adventures and at least one surprise stripper. In reality, those parties are wildly expensive and often intimidating for shy guests of the bride or groom (or their parents!). All the boozing and cruising can get out of hand, and lead to a twisted ankle or embarrassing photos!

By now, you must be thinking, “how can you do a risk-free Hens or Bucks night, but still make sure it’s really fun?” The answer is really simple: Do it the Applause Entertainment way!

Avoid the Stripper

Disclaimer: We have absolutely nothing against hiring a stripper or dancer for your Hens or Bucks night – we’re happy to work that in, if you’d like! But if strippers aren’t for you, or you want something more, read on…

Often the bride-to-be/groom-to-be might feel uncomfortable with the idea of a stripper, but they don’t want to be a buzzkill for everyone else. In the end, wouldn’t you want the guest of honour to enjoy themselves? Hens and Bucks nights are mostly about spending time with your closest friends, and having a bit of silly harmless fun. That’s what we had in mind when we designed our special Hens and Bucks Nights.

danny devito on friends as a stripper

Not everyone gets to have Danny Devito at their Hens...

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A Night out with the Girls

One great idea for a PG-rated Hens Nights (especially if the mother or grandmother of the bride will be in attendance) is our Murder Mystery dinners! Whether it’s a way to start or finish the night, a good juicy Murder Mystery will be sure to get everyone involved and excited. Imagine discovering the bride-to-be…murdered! As everyone is dressed up as their characters, the bride-to-be (miraculously revived as another character) leads the crusade to uncover who the killer is! With the help of our professional Murder Mystery character host, you will be guaranteed a worry-free evening as the host will progress the story steadily towards its nail-biting conclusion. Their larger-than-life personalities are also the perfect ice-breaker for guests and friends who are a little shy, self-conscious, or have never experienced a Murder Mystery before…as long as they are willing to let loose and let their fancies be tickled, we’ve got the feathers ready.


A happy Hens Night Murder Mystery - no men? No problems!

Another very popular request we receive for both Hens and Bucks Nights are the surprise paparazzi and screaming fans/groupies that are waiting right outside the venue of the night. It’s one of those little touches that can really set the tone for the whole evening! The paparazzi can be both the classic 1920s (trench coat, fedora, and big flashy cameras), or a more modern style, just like real paparazzi. They will make the guest of honour feel like an A-List celebrity, and pump everyone up for a really exciting night ahead.


You'll feel like a million bucks as you strut your stuff in front of these screaming fans and paparazzi reporters!

Just remember, our paparazzi performers, whether they’re the 1920s style, or more modern, are not photographers; their cameras flash, but they’re not taking photos! If you want to get photo evidence of the bride/groom-to-be arriving at their night of fun, you absolutely need to let us know that you’ll want to add on a professional photographer to the paparazzi!

Party for the Blokes

We know that not all the guys want to do a pub crawl, and get blind drunk. We know that a raging hangover is just about the last thing anyone wants, which is why we’ve created Bucks Nights that are both cheeky, outrageous, but easy on the liver.

There are many great ways to get the adrenaline pumping: a paintball or laser tag battle, or a hearty dodgeball war. It gets everyone into the competitive spirit, and it’s a way to let loose and be childish for a while! Then, when everyone’s feeling pumped and energetic, a photoshoot with a professional photographer will capture that moment of pure happiness.

men dodgeball bucks night

Get the guys together for a hearty dodgeball session!

There are things about a guy that only his mates will know, and to appreciate this, we can also create a special Bucks Night Game Show LIVE! Trivia Night! We can customize the Game Show LIVE! full of questions about the main man and his mates that only real friends would know. It’s a fun and cheeky way to not just see how much your friends really know about each other, but it’s also a hilarious trip down memory lane as embarrassing and priceless moments are brought back. Game Show LIVE! is run by a professional character host performer, meaning not only do you or any of the guests have to worry about how the night is going, but you’ll be entertained at every step of the way, from the introductions, to ice breakers, and even the prize giving.

Because Game Show LIVE! is an electronic format, it also includes multimedia questions - think embarrassing awkward teenage era photos, videos of nights long forgotten...if you have the goods, we can add it to the quiz! Game Show LIVE!, as the name suggests, also has LIVE electronic scoring, meaning that there is no boring wait as the answers are tallied up. This is the perfect idea for Bucks Nights, because who has the time to wait for results, when there's a whole night of fun ahead?


Fast-paced, electronic scoring game show! Hosted by your very own character host performer.

Customized to Your Needs

The above are just suggestions, of course. Imagine that those are just guidelines on your blank canvas of an event – we’re all about colouring outside the lines if it means making a true work of art! If the bridesmaids are all up for a paintball war, we’d be the first one leading the charge; if the blokes want the A-List treatment with paparazzi and screaming fans, we can make sure they feel like the Beatles.

We also provide entertainment and celebration for Hucks and Baby Bucks nights. A Hucks Night is when the lovers decide to do something together, and we combine all the different ideas into one big party; Baby Bucks is when a couple is expecting a child, but haven’t decided to marry. In this case, we are all brought together by the love and joy of the arrival of a new life, and you can be sure that our entertainment will suit the different situations perfectly.

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When we are invited to help celebrate such important milestones in a person’s life, we are honoured and humbled that our services will be integral to memories that will last a lifetime. Hens and Bucks Nights are just as important as the wedding itself, and shouldn’t be wasted on a boozy and scattered cloud of hazy memories. Call us or enquire with us about a Hens and Bucks Nights with a difference!

Roller Girls Performer Hire – Brand Promotion and Activation, Disco, or Roller Rink Themed Events

Rollin’ Down the River!

These Roller Girls may not be able to roll down the river in those skates, but they’ll ensure you smooth sailing for any Brand Promotion or Activation events! Energetic and full of movement, Roller Girls Performer Hire are also great for Roller Rink Themed Events, or even a roller disco ball! Great hire for a Studio 54, or a funky disco themed event.

Roller Girls Performer Hire are professional performers who bring energy and movement to a static event. Not only are they skilful and visually appealing, but the novelty of roller skaters winding and weaving around will captivate your crowd! This creative promotional tool will be sure to create a positive brand impression, as well as an enjoyable customer experience.

Or, how about hiring Roller Girls as a captivating addition to a disco themed event? We have two Murder Mystery games that are designed to get you onto the dance floor: Murder on the Dancefloor and Pandemonium at the Prom. The roller girls can be there, serving up some cool moves, while you work to figure out who the cold-blooded killer is!

Roller Girl performers are flexible and cool event entertainment for any sort of event, from Corporate to Private. If you want more information on the Roller Girls Performer Hire, or other corporate entertainment, promotional entertainment, or private entertain, call 1300 261 545 or contact us!

80s Aussie Roller Disco Duo

Do you want a special hit of nostalgia? We have a special 80s Aussie roller disco duo who will roll their way into your hearts! Performing all sorts of acrobatic adagio acts and fearless fantastic feats, their skills will draw you in, but it's their personalities that will keep you. Check out their photos in the gallery!

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!

From doorman to Spanish waiter and Murder Mystery, you provided us with so much laughter our cheeks hurt!

Norton 360 Product Launch Experience

No matter what sort of event you are holding, if you want immersive engagement - and we mean the proactive, excited kind of engagement - then you’ll have to create an event experience that captivates your crowd. 

This was the case when Norton 360 by Symantec came to us (a few years ago now) with just such a request - they were soft-launching their latest version of the famous antivirus program, and wanted the invited guests (media journalists and technology bloggers) to really get engaged with their presentation.  We came up with an event concept that achieved this result for them – and here is why, how and what we did.

Know your audience

In our opinion, the most important thing to note about brand activations and product launches is to know who is attending or who your target audience is. Is it a public event, small specialized guest lists, stockholders, potential clients, or are they members of the local community? This is important, because we need to know what their pre-existing interests are in regards to the brand or product in order to create an experience that will achieve the desired outcomes.

In the case of Norton 360, their target audience were members of the media and tech-centric journalists who were, of course, already familiar with their brand’s previous iterations of the product. As a result, they needed to create an event experience that not only catered to an informed audience, but had a creatively engaging edge that would appeal to their imaginations and therefore spur them to report, blog and publish on the product.

“Know who is attending your event, and design your event to cater to their interest.” Tweet this

To achieve these targets, we came up with the notion of “a secret government agency looking to recruit the best candidate into their secret faction”. After all, anti-virus software is supposed to root out malicious software and viruses that will harm your computer, a bit like super crime fighting agent spies, but the criminals are hackers, computer viruses and malware.

To stand out amongst the other brands at the conference, and to ensure as many target audience members attended the presentation as possible, we thought it was wise to create an experience that went beyond the product launch conference itself. With Norton 360, we created an event within an event, by focusing the participants’ attention firstly on something purely for fun, but also calls for their specialized knowledge about the brand’s products.  This gives our target audience an idea of what to expect later on at the event itself - an interesting, fun but valuable product launch presentation.

To maximise the exposure, contact, and uptake with our targeted audiences, we think it is vital to not only engage them during an event, but that the event itself would be enhanced by unique and creative points of contact prior and post event date.


Pre-Event Stage

As attendees needed to register for the event, we wanted to use this opportunity to create a bit of mystery and entice them to attend. So, how do secret agents receive their communications and mission briefs? The first invite that the guests received was an e-invite, designed to appear like a science fiction spy mission brief. This was a very basic invite, but the language of the content and the visual style was starkly different to what you would typically expect, that it immediately gave them the notion that this was going to be a more bespoke experience.

Attached to the email was a small video of an actor (similar to the Agent Smith character from The Matrix) speaking directly to the recipient, giving a “mission brief”. The production level/creative effort showed the individual that Norton 360 had committed to make their event exciting, different, and perhaps more important, it makes the guests feel specially selected and valued. At the same time, the video starts the narrative that will be further played out during the main event itself.

norton 360 event email invite

An example of the email invite sent out to attendees before the event'

We then followed up with another completely unexpected surprise! Each guest was delivered a Norton 360 branded USB stick to their hotel room, where they are given their next set of “top secret instructions” along with a code word to gain entrance to the event. We thought this was especially ingenious, as we knew that each guests would have their laptop with them, and by using it to interact with the brand, in the privacy of their rooms on site, would only enhance their experience and drive the storyline further.

By creating a little video instruction and the ‘room drop’, not only were we able to creatively communicate further information to the participants, but we were also able to cement the experience relevant to the secret agent theme and once again their engagement in the brand.

A 'declassified' version of the video message attached to the Room Drop

Follow Through at the Actual Event

When the actual day arrived, we ensured that the build-up was carried through the moment they arrived. The structure of the day was specifically designed so that the speeches and the activities were all incorporated into the theme.  Each attendee was greeted by the same Agent Smith character that was featured in the top secret video; and asked to give the secret code that was included in the Room Drop video. Attendees were also given name badges and “sensor nodes” on their temples and wrists to monitor their vitals and brain wave activity. These were the little touches that signalled to the attendees that their expectations, as set during the pre-event stage, will be met at the actual event. The event MC, a performer in the role of the “Commander”, introduced the company spokesperson, who continued the story plot by explaining to the attendees that they were to do a series of tasks and quizzes with questions relating to Norton, the anti-virus industry, and cybercrime in general.

norton 360 name badge sample

 A sample of a name badge that attendees used. The extra level of effort that went into a name badge showed commitment to the narrative and experience of the event.

“Good event engagement requires audience commitment, involvement, and satisfaction.” Tweet this

Good audience engagement at events comes as a result of commitment, involvement, and satisfaction. We aimed to address all three of these during the Norton 360 event. We showed commitment to both the event theme, and to the purpose of the event in creative and unexpected ways; we involved the attendees deeply at every stage of the event, creating a pseudo-mission that raised the stakes, and appealed to their ego and imaginations; and we created satisfaction when the teams were able to correctly answer the quizzes, or win the mini games at the actual event.

Post Event Follow Up

Post event follow ups are so important - they create closure and conclusion to an experience and another contact point to pass on media, information, gain feedback and again embed your branding.  

In the case of Norton 360, we created a simple post-event follow up video where each attendee is given a mission debrief. The debrief outlined that the attendee performed their tasks so well that the secret agency felt it important to keep them amongst civilians, so to maintain social order. The Agent left the attendee a final mission: Spread the word that Norton 360’s new product is the fastest and most reliable of its peers.

Here, we were able to creatively assert the purpose of the event, one final time. While the event itself was to launch the new Norton 360 antivirus program, the goal of the event is to have the media and the journalists positively talking about the product in their publications. By sending out a creative follow-up, it reminds them of the experience that they were a part of during the event itself, helping them relive the fun of the pre-event, the actual event, and thus placing them back into a positive mind-set associated with the brand and product. 

How We Can Help You

Norton 360’s product launch was just one of many examples of what we can do for brand activation and product launches. Our speciality is coming up with creative solutions and ideas for all kinds of events, and that includes commercially driven events such as these. What makes Applause services unique is our experience and background in theatre, events and marketing. This unique combination of creative lateral thinking in the planning stages and expert performance and improvisation results in events like no other.

Customisable and competitive entertainment packages such as our Game Show LIVE! or Minute to Win It are great examples of how we are able to work in this theme to entertain and work in the brands messages.

If what you read today has been useful, it’s time to talk to us about how we can help you. Creating a new concept for your brand activation or product launch and promotion is what we love to do.  Together we can create successful and immersive audience engagement before, during, and after your event. Call us today on 1300 261 545 or fill in our online form.


We had put a lot of effort into finding a great venue, and were so happy that the host made the most of the venue. Emilia had a great birthday party!


Can you take a joke?

Seriously…can you?

Are people becoming too sensitive? Can we still take a joke? Or should we be more discerning about what we consider to be humorous?

Political correctness is a touchy subject – sure, there are some things that are definitely a no-go zone, and some jokes that can be widely understood as jests in good faith. But what about the jokes, comments, or off-hand remarks that were made in good faith, but understood otherwise? The negotiation in this area is also entirely subjective, and there’s no great way to go about it, especially around people with whom you don’t have a mutual understanding. Let’s start a conversation about this: read the article below, and let us know what you think on our Facebook page!



As a professional entertainer working in the public, corporate, and private markets for over 23 years, it’s fair to say that I have learned a thing, or two, about my audiences and about people’s social behaviour in general. I’ve encountered all types of people – young and old, female and male, white and blue collar, local and international cultures and everyone in between.

As a performer, I am granted access to all sorts of worlds, lives, and private functions that the average person may never gain access to in one life time. I’ve entertained in mansions of millionaires, in corporate boardrooms, at the pub, at the local school and on backyard patios. There was even that one time I was hired to harass a client at their own courtroom hearing, outside the courthouse no less! (But that’s another story…for another blog)

Tweet: "At the end of the day, humans tend to behave roughly the same ways when they are in groups"...

I have literally entertained thousands of people, in their homes, and at their places of work, across Australia, and during this time I have learnt a lot about what engages people, what makes them laugh, what makes them respond – and also (it’s fair to say) what doesn’t. I’ve developed a sixth sense in reading a crowd, and I’ve realized that, no matter what cultural background or life experience, at the end of the day, humans tend to behave roughly the same ways when they are in groups.  With this knowledge, I take pride in being able to expertly navigate any crowd, so that we can all have some fun together!

Are people becoming afraid to have fun?

It saddens me to report from the front line, good readers – it is appearing to me that people are afraid to have fun! Increasingly, we performers are finding the tightrope act of performing what is funny, and what is acceptable, is becoming thinner and thinner! What one person finds hilarious, another will just as quickly be offended by. At a time when the response to possible future litigations and fallouts is to simply to put a blanket policy ban on everything, I have to wonder: are we becoming too sensitive?  Or is this just a reflection of the change in the status quo attitude?

Together with the many talented people we represent and work with, we have created a company that provides a very unique service that isn’t often seen elsewhere in the market. We aim to entertain and captivate a crowd by carefully and deliberately creating a safe space where our audience can be free to enjoy themselves, express themselves, lose themselves in the moment, and above all, laugh and have some fun!

Tweet: "We are the professionals at turning raised eyebrows into raised roofs"

To achieve this lofty aim, we are often pushing the envelope against the mundane everyday sort of apathy that some have adopted towards being entertained. We are the professionals at turning raised eyebrows into raised roofs. However, there has to be a trust in our method and materials; our clients need to also be on board and keep an open mind.  However, recently we have received all kinds of odd requests – sometimes before an event, or even during. 

What do you think of these requests?

There was that time when our performers went in to host a corporate Wild West themed Murder Mystery party. The hosts were cowboys from the 1800s – the time period of the story. We received feedback that the word ‘Indian’ was offensive, and that we should be rewriting our games to say ‘Native Americans’. While we don’t argue against the principle of political correctness in today’s culture (you certainly wouldn’t call a Native American an Indian in 2016), we have to point out that our performers were hired to be in character as a pair of rough-talking cowboys from the 1800s – or do you think we should be playing ‘Cowboys and Native Americans’?

Since Murder Mysteries is one of the most popular team building activities we offer and we have over half a dozen different stories under various, often dark genres, it goes without saying that one or two of the games may include drug references. Now, it’s one thing to ask for drug references to be removed if the guests included children or members who have been affected by addiction in the past, but on the ‘off-chance’ that it may offend someone?  This becomes an overreaction in our minds - it’s a Murder Mystery game, for crying out loud – the whole event hinges around someone being killed in cold blood!  A similar occurrence was when a client recently declined to hold a Las Vegas themed event with casino tables etc, for fear of endorsing gambling, but they were perfectly happy to hold a Murder Mystery evening instead. So by this reasoning, is the notion of murder more acceptable now? Is it in good taste? Better taste than drugs, or gambling?

"...we are the players, the game masters, the jokers, the dunces, and the jesters...we want to have fun with our audiences with absolutely no intention on marginalising, offending or provoking anyone."

But that’s just it – we don’t have to argue anything here, as we are the players, the game masters, the jokers, the dunces, and the jesters. We are entertaining, playing, pretending. We want to have fun with our audiences with absolutely no intention on marginalising, offending or provoking anyone. We are not here to comment on the moral or social behaviour of our times.  Or, I posit, am I incorrect?

Once again, we obviously draw a clear distinction between avoiding offending guests and clients who have struggled with very real and personal issues in the past, whether it be drugs or gambling, but we are often left wondering whether people are putting too much gravitas on limiting their entertainment ‘just in case’ it might offend and not in ‘what would happen if’ we were to create…

Did we put our foot in it?

So what’s with the rubber foot? The other week, for a bit of an immature guffaw, I stuck a fake rubber foot attached to the bottom of a trouser leg out the back of my car. It was one of those gag-shop bits designed to make people look twice – and that’s what I was wondering if it would do. Well, it turns out it made at least one person look hard enough…to call the cops! The office received a phone call from a constable, saying a very distressed 000 call was made from a citizen who saw the foot and thought the worst. The police had tracked the license plate numbers and saw that it was registered to an entertainment company, which explains the courtesy call rather than the SWAT team!

"Are people just becoming too sensitive?"

You can see in the photo that it’s a fake foot, from the discolouring, the distinct lack of any blood, to the clear window in the back of my KIA RIO hatch! Bar that one 000 caller, countless other people would have thought the same, right? For me this was the icing on the cake for me to have to ask – are people becoming just a bit too sensitive? Should we be a bit more lenient with actors pretending to be cowboys using terms from the day?

Or maybe we should try to look outside of our performer’s paradigm, and consider things from a different space? What do you think? Can you still handle a joke?

-          Daniel Tusia, Creative Director at Applause Entertainment

Zoolander Impersonator Character Performer Hire

There’s more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking…

Derek Zoolander Impersonator Character Performer Hire is a hit at parties and events with audiences from all ages – everyone will be sprouting Zoolander quotes! The hilarious and bigger-than-life supermodel personality can be at your corporate event, or private party, with our Zoolander impersonator performer hire. Our professional impersonator actors are not only spot on with their appearance, but their mannerisms as well! Ask us about hiring our Zoolander impersonator performer as a roving character, engaging and making friends with your guests, or as a special character host/MC for Awards Nights, or large private events such as weddings!

The Zoolander Impersonator Performer Hire is a part of our extensive character Impersonators catalogue – pair him with The Grinch, or maybe the other Classic Beauty, Marilyn Monroe! Our performers are all professional actors who can play off of each other’s characters, so take this into consideration if you are holding a large event with a big crowd!

Invite a Character Host for your event

Ditch the boring stuffy MCs...why not hire a flamboyant and exciting Character Host? Learn more about Character MCs here.

If you want more information on our Impersonators, or Character Hosts/MC for corporate events, or private parties, call or contact us. The number is 1300 261 545.

Woah, wait, what is that, a font size for ants? It needs to be at least…three times bigger! 1300 261 545

Watch the video! Click here for mobile users.

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, send us an enquiry to get started!

Personalized Poetry Performance by Applause Entertainment

A bit like a singing telegram, but it’s so much more!

Imagine your favourite celebrity or character showing up at your party…and they’re performing a poem all about your life!

Personalized poetry is a very simple, but intimate show that is sure to go the extra step towards giving the guest of honour a special and memorable experience. Personalized poetry uses information about the guest or guests of honour provided by friends family member secretly beforehand, then we craft together a funny and heartfelt poem (a proper one, mind, no limerick gimmicks) to be performed by one of our character performers!

We have countless characters to choose from, and if you have a very special one in mind, we are happy to work with you to create character that we haven’t already.

Popular characters are: Austin Powers, Borat, Dame Edna, as well as original Applause Entertainment characters, like Big Tony, a tough-talking 1920s gangster, Dick Deveroux, the red carpet host with the most, and so on!

Please note: in order to craft the best poem possible, we require the sneaky gossip at least 2 weeks ahead. Please also let us know what sort of audience will be present – we need to tell Austin to beHAVE in front of the kids!

Personalized Poetry is a great little show to put on during light hearted events where we want to get everyone laughing and having a good time. Think Hen's Nights, Birthdays, Buck's Nights, or a retirement/farewell party at the office. It goes a little extra mile to bring some intimacy and personalized hilarity to the event, but it's also a great way to show the person being honored that you really care, because after all, how would we make a poem if it wasn't for all the little in-jokes that you provided? Amongst all the hoots of laughter, they will definitely feel the swell of love as they realized that their friends, colleagues, and family members in fact remembered so much of your time together.

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!

Giddy Up Horse Racing Theme Band Hire for Bogus Bookies Events

Giddy Up and level up your Bogus Bookies or horse racing themed event with the wackiest quartet band!

Fully costumed and fully hilarious, this horse racing themed band "Giddy Up" will have your guests in stitches with their funny horses, colourful costumes, and wacky personalities. This brass band is the perfect addition to Bogus Bookies team building corporate events, or horse racing themed private events. Their music will get you right into the Spring Carnival mood – and their comedic tone is a perfect accompaniment to the hijinks that the Bent Bookies characters get up to.

"Giddy Up" horse racing themed brass band is also a great accompaniment to the Final Furlong arcade game hire! The Final Furlong arcade game hire is a really fun and physical arcade game that puts the guests right in the saddle! The "Giddy Up" band will provide the marching – or galloping – tunes as the guests all strive for the finish line.

Giddy Op is also available as a solo act for your events. From large corporate entertainment to private parties, Giddy Up is a funny wacky musical band to liven up the atmosphere. They’ll entertain the children, and bring out the inner child from even the stiffest of the management types.

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!

Retail Marketing is Changing - It's More Entertainment and Theatrical

In today's always connected lifestyle, many of us are constantly trying to find a moment away from our phones and our emails. It's a desire not motivated by any nostalgia for an analogue lifestyle, nor is it a matter of distrust towards a heavily technological existence, but rather somewhere in between - we miss the experience of experiencing. The instantaneous gratification of being able to find the exact image, video, and other forms of entertainment, and to have it delivered to you in short, sharp bursts, have led to a certain feeling of elevated theatrics to any form of entertainment that is physically tangible - theatrics of the busker performances on the street, the stilts at festivals, and, well, the theatre itself!

stilts at oktoberfest

It's been theorized, stated, and now experienced - in store retail is suffering. Online shopping is convenient, it is available 24/7, and often it is a cheaper alternative. Yet why is it that the local shopping centre isn't a barren wasteland of a time forgotten? Think about it for a second - when you find yourself with some free time and a bit of spending money, do you imagine yourself sitting in front of the computer for the day trawling through eBay? Or do you pick up your car keys and head down to the shopping centre, and wander around for a few hours, and pick up a few things? It's not something carried from pre-internet habits, either; go to your local shops on any school holiday weekday, and you'll see teenagers roaming around. So what's different?

It's the experience of experiencing

User experience is profound in directing marketing strategies for brick-and-mortar stores. Many stores try to engage customers with interactive campaigns on social media, such a sharing your favourite outfit from a clothing store, or the result of a particular recipe from a grocery store. Stores are trying to capture an overall brand experience in order to not only entice the customer into making a purchase, but coming into the store to experience the purchase. Store experiences, in a nutshell, is trying to create the “you had to be there” moment.

shopping together

Retails absolutely need to capitalise on this experience of experiencing, in order to keep bodies walking in. As technologies such as virtual reality is becoming commercialised and accessible, the theatrics of experience need to step up to become something that no headset can replicate. The experience of shopping needs to become entertainment - soon, walking into a store to do your shopping will have to regarded in much the same way as walking into an art gallery, or a theatre - the customer is there for the experience, not just the goods and services.

Nothing beats the tangibility of going through a rack of sale items to hunt down the one that's just right for you. You'd be hard pressed to find a more satisfying moment than weighing up the pros and cons of two different things, and deciding on one after walking around a bit more to think about it. Don't you think that this sort of unimitable process and experience is very theatrical? Stores that are creating brand experiences are also taking on board the theatrics of retail entertainment when they create campaigns that encourage the customers to interact with their products and, most importantly, doing so inside the stores.

Applause Entertainment loves theatrics

This shift in commercial culture habits and expectations aligns perfectly with the services that we provide. We have always believed that theatrics and entertainment is the key to engagement and fun, and it is something that has translated to every aspect of our business, from corporate teambuilding to private event impersonators, and from multi-hundred guest lists to intimate 20-people hen’s nights.

hens night paparazzi masquerade

We embrace the unique blend of spectatorship and interaction; it's what makes live sporting events still so popular. We aim to turn promotional marketing campaigns into an 'event', which in turn reinforces the experience of experiencing. Our advertisment entertainment, or 'advertainment', is designed in such a way as to call upon the innate human desire to be entertained and informed, while simultaneously promoting the message for which it is established. Whether that is, 'buy this product', 'attend this event', or simply 'enjoy yourself, you've earned it!', we deliver that message creatively.

Most importantly, we focus on the theatrics of the advertainment. We know that you can find the facts and figures in the hyper-connected technological infrastructure - we know that customers are constantly on their phone comparing prices from various other competitors. Instead, we provide a higher layer of entertainment during their shopping experience that they have not come to expect, something so new and fresh that they have to stop and stare. We provide a retail experience that is best served in-person and in-house. This is where retail marketing and retail entertainment is headed, and we're ready for it.


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Interactive Shadow Puppet Promotional Entertainment for your brand

Creative, eye-catching, interactive - and completely out-of-the-box!

With brick-and-mortar retail taking a hit from its online competitors, it's never been more important to entice and draw your customers and clients physically into your stores. Yet the shopping centres are not empty, and the streets not barren of window shoppers - why?

Nothing can replace the physical experience of going to the store, nor the tactile tangibility of holding something. This is what our creative and interactive shadow puppet promotional entertainment aims to encapsulate. The shadow wall is a fun, interactive attraction that appeals to the customer's hand-eye gratification, but is also a lighthearted way to put a smile on everyone's face.

Appeal to everyone's Inner Child

In the 2004 film 'Finding Neverland', Johnny Depp's J.M. Barrie created the play Peter Pan, which everyone thought would be a miserable failure, as its whimsical nature wasn't expected to appeal to the high-class theatregoers. Barrie invited a whole bunch of orpans and spread them out throughout the theatre, and it was then that the magic happened.

The children's infectious imagination and innocent giggles started to spread through the hearts of all the other patrons. Before long, the whole theatre was swept up in the magical atmosphere, and Peter Pan became a resounding success.

This is the concept that our Shadow Puppet employs. We believe that even inside the most stoic of adults, there exists a desire for childish glee. When the adult customers first see the shadow wall, they may feel hesitant to join in, but now change the stage to be filled with happy, excited children, and soon those bashful adults will be stepping up to give it a go.

Promotional Retail Entertainment

Create an experience that your customers can't get from online shops. Promotional entertainment doesn't have to purely be focused on sell-sell-sell, it's also about drawing in a crowd with entertainment and joy. The interactive shadow puppet promotional entertainment naturally draws out the inner childish glee and laughter, but it also keeps the customers on the spot as they watch others play, and waiting to join in themselves. This promotional retail entertainment is like a theatre show that the customers create and participate in themselves, and it helps your brand hold attention and be associated with laugher and joy.

Don't leave your promotional entertainment as an afterthought - often it can be the make or break between a successful expo or festival, or becoming yesterday's news! We have had over a decade in professional promotional entertainment, and work closely with huge national brands and clients to provide the best in promotional entertainment services. Our unique background in theatre and events promotion means you'll be getting a professional service that can creatively think outside the box!

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!

Event Theme Styling - Consult with us

The total event experience is encompassed by everything the guest will encounter. This includes everything from what they eat, what they touch, what they do, what they hear, and what they see. Styling your event according to your theme can highly enhance the feel of every other aspect of your event, including the entertainment.

Applause Entertainment can help you complete your event

Have you already booked entertainment with us, and would like us to assist you with finding an event styling solution? We work with trusted suppliers across Australia who can help you fulfill your event vision. We'll help make your party planning a breeze, and help you organize your event stylist. Applause Entertainment is your one-stop shop for unrivalled, premium event needs.

Event Stylists that take advantage of the event space

Whether you're looking for hall decoration, centrepieces, or something completely original, you won't have to stress any longer. We'll help you do the legwork to communicate with our event stylists, so all you need to do is enjoy your beautiful event. No matter what your event need, we'll be able to help.

See our gallery of photos for event theme styling ideas and inspiration to get you started on your next event!

We have creative event entertainment solutions for all events, from large corporate events to private parties. Nothing is too big! Our high level of professionalism ensures you a stress free evening that your guests will talk about for months, event years, to come.

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!