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Daniel Tusia - Character Host Hire with a Hundred Faces for Event Entertainment

Character Event Hosts: Daniel is a man of countless faces, he will be the character your event needs!

Does your event need a little extra character? Consider hiring a character host for your event. Character hosts are a creative and fun way to add colour and laughter to your event - they carry out all the traditional event hosting duties, such as warming up the crowd, introducing keynote speakers, escorting guests onto the stage, and so on - but they do it with more flair!

You need a reliable and professional performer, who not only excels in public speaking - that's a given - but who is also convincing as their character. This is where Daniel comes in.

Performing since he was 12, as a busker, Daniel has had over two decades of public performance under his belt, and over a decade as a key performer and event manager at Applause Entertainment. With him as your event character host, you are guaranteed the smoothest experience, no matter your event type. Corporate Night? Private parties? Expos and brand promotions? He's done them all.

Daniel is a man of countless faces - a talented performer, Daniel has an arsenal of originally created characters and spot-on character impressions at your disposal. Do you have a specific character in mind? Or perhaps your brand or company has a certain message you want to convey? Daniel will work with you to come up with and choose the best possible character for your event - then deliver that character perfectly. You and your guests will truly believe that the real deal is present at your event or function!

Daniel loves a challenge - so present us with whatever character you need! He will be sure to go above and beyond your expectations with his professionalism and talent, and ensure that your event experience is unforgettable.

Check out the gallery for examples of Daniel's current list host characters, and be sure to look around the website for more inspiration and ideas. Some of Daniel's memorable characters include:

  • Achmed (original Arabian character)
  • Ali G
  • Austin Powers
  • Big Tony (original 1920s character)
  • Horse Racing Bookie (original character)
  • Borat
  • British Guard
  • CarMan Miranda
  • Circus Ringmaster
  • Comic Fortune Teller
  • Cowboy/Outlaw
  • Dez Maddison
  • Dick Deveroux (original character)
  • Disco Dan
  • Don the Fruiterer
  • Doorman/Usher
  • Dr Evil
  • Drunk Santa/Bad Santa
  • Manuel from Fawlty Towers
  • Freddie Mercury
  • French Mime
  • Hansel (original German character)
  • Grinch
  • Hoax Waiter
  • Keith 'Teeth' McVitty (original Aussie character)
  • Lord Gorgeous (original Renaissance character)
  • Old fashioned Paper-Boy
  • Scoops McGee (original New York character)
  • Senor Jalapeno (original Mexican character)
  • Silly/Fake Security
  • Sir Les Patterson
  • The Colonel from Jumanji
  • Town Crier
  • White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland
  • Zidler from Moulin Rouge
  • Zohan (Adam Sandler character)

With a variety of Impersonators and original Characters in his repertoire, Daniel will bring a creative edge to your next corporate conference!

To discuss your next event – call today and set up an appointment. Do you have your own idea of what character you want to see? Speak to us now!

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!



Hollywood Heartwarmers - An Applause Entertainment Fundraiser

Helping FareShare cook and distribute meals to those in need.

Hollywood Heartwarmers was Applause Entertainment's first very own charity fundraiser. Performers, staff, and sponsors donated their time, services and products in order to help raise funds for the charity FareShare (click here to read about what FareShare does, and how you can help.)

The evening's main event was a Trivia Night like the guests have never experienced before. Using the same technology as our Game Show LIVE! games, we had crafted a series of Trivia questions based around the most heartwarming moments in Hollywood. The guests were all snug and warm inside comfortable cinema seating, and with electronic buzzers in hand, answered questions off of the big cinema screen.

But that's not all the entertainment the guests experienced. True to the Hollywood experience, the guests were greeted at the door by a red carpet entrance and a trio of celebrity impersonators - Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn, and Liza Minelli - and an entourage of paparazzi performers. After they've made their way into the foyer, a flurry of energy descends upon them in the form of Dick Deveroux and Hanz Fondelle. This A-List celebrity treatment is carried throughout the whole evening, with Dick and Hanz also acting as hosts for the game show.

Apart from the trivia questions, there were also rounds of fundraising games where guests donated a gold coin to participate for a chance to win bonus points. The winning team at the end of the night won a lovely gift basket of various gifts and services donated by our sponsors.

Hollywood Heartwarmers was our way to give back to our community, and we are beyond pleased with the results. Watch the video to see what went down!

If you have a fundraising event and you need entertainment to really help it go the extra distance, give us a call at 1300 261 545.


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Murder Mystery Masquerade at the State Library of Victoria

A custom-made Murder Mystery Masquerade story that took place at the beautiful State Library of Victoria

This Murder Mystery masquerade was custom created for a client's corporate function. This event showcased Applause's creativity in creating an entirely original Murder Mystery story, coupled with unrivaled event theming and entertainment. From providing horse-drawn carriages, to dressing the guests full Victorian gowns and evening wear, this event drew on every aspect of what makes an immersive experience truly exceptional.

To read more about the event, you can visit our blog here. For more information on customized events, feel free to contact us on 1300 261 545, we would LOVE to hear your ideas!

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I've had such good feedback from staff and customers - some even said- "this is the best function they have been to."

5 Reasons Why You NEED Roving Characters for your Event

Worried you will need to make awkward small-talk at your event? How will a diverse bunch of people come together at your event to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, leading to the perfect and memorable event?

If you’re about to hold an important private function, or organize a multifaceted corporate event, you need to read on to find out how you can avoid these awkward event situations. Roving acts and entertainment help create the perfect event atmosphere suited to your needs, while also creating interesting talking points. But they're so much more...

Here are 5 reasons why you NEED roving characters at your next event.


L2R: A dapper magician; a fierce golden Aztec warrior princess; and a medieval juggler...just some of the many types of roving acts you can expect

Roving acts are super flexible. Intead of finding a big name act or spectacle to keep everyone's attention for just 15 minutes, roving acts can entertain little pockets of people throughout the whole evening. This leaves your event structure freed up for more mingling and networking and social interactions, whilst still leaving appropriate spots for speeches or key note presentations.

Roving acts can incorporate a variety of different skills, such as magicians, jugglers, and so on, to create or tie into an existing event atmosphere. You can even mix skills and styles to suit a venue theme. Roving acts should be an extension of your venue theming, decor, and styling. They should tie into the same feel, and complement and enhance the event atmosphere.



L2R: A stilt character standing above a crowd; a cheeky White Rabbit to invite you to Wonderland; a daring adagio duo making use of vertical space...use the event space to your advantage

Performance spaces can be challenging - perhaps there's a tricky entrance, an alleyway, or a lift into an event? Why not see these challenges as opportunities - a lift can be transformed into a magical rabbit hole to Wonderland, enhanced by greeting your guests with a White Rabbit roving act right at the door. If the venue has a very high ceiling, or is very large, you can still reach your guests from further away - stilts, adagio (acrobats) and even unicycles literally stand out from the crowd. This overcomes the challenge of filling up empty head space, but also doubles as a way to entertain people from further away, such as at festivals and outdoor events. Roving acts can even accompany roving events - if your event includes moving from one location to another, roving acts have the flexibility to enhance the value of both locations. More importantly, they are able to entertain your guests en route to the different locations.

It's all about the different application of entertainment and skills according to the location. Create an impact at the door, set expectations for the event to come, or enhance an atmosphere with roving acts that match the feel of the event and venue. These are all ways which Roving acts transform venue challenges into benefits.



L2R An olden days paparazzi; a wild body painted zebra; and friendly Achmed, ambassador to Arabian Nights. There are so many themes to choose from, and so many acts to enhance the themes, the question is, what do you want?

Event themes are only limited by our imagination - the mix-and-match possibilities are quite endless. We can apply a talent or skill to a role, making them even more interactive. Perhaps the roving Mad Hatter is a magician? This not only creates and enhances an Alice in Wonderland theme, but the addition of skills and talents mean they are also incredibly exciting to watch. Even the decor of the venue can be incorporated by talents - for example our body painted animals will bring a wilder streak to a savannah themed event.

Go ahead and pick any theme you'd like for your event, and then imagine that roving acts are actively performing your theme. A pair of Geisha girls add an authentic touch to a Japanese themed event, and fortune tellers and tarot readers are mysterious and unknown, much like the magic of Arabian NightsHollywood theme is made more razzle-dazzle with paparazzi, and a Roaring 20s theme roars louder with a gutsy mobster boss character...the possibilties are endless...



L2R Posing with a joyful mime; conga line with a funny doorman; being entranced by the magical skills of Mr Tails. Ask how your entertainment can keep your guests engaged.

Passive event entertainment is a hit-and-miss, they don't entice your guests to engage with them - table settings and backdrops are only parts of the bigger picture. Event entertainment needs to enhance your event, and create the kind of atmosphere you desire. Use the venue, the table settings, and the backdrops to set the theme, but use the roving acts to create a better engagement and more immersion to the event theme.

Demand more from your entertainment - performers can be used to serve food, man cloak rooms, give directions, attract crowds, hand out information, as props for photos, escort award winners to the stage, collect fundraising...why shouldn't every moment be entertaining?? Roving acts help strike the perfect balance between providing entertainment above and beyond your expectation, yet also leaving room for guests to do their own thing should they wish.


L2R A well dressed cigar girl, a fiery fire twirler, and an impressive living table. These are not your average event entertainment, but we are not your average entertainment supplier.

Surprise your guests with a new experience. Take a creative approach to enhancing your event, and create an event experience that will really impress them. Roving acts are a great event entertainment solution that can be utilized again, and again, for all your events. With so many different acts and themes to choose from, you can create a new experience every time.


Why choose Applause Entertainment?

When you use us, we not only come up or work with you to create new and interesting ideas - or use tried and tested entertainment concepts that we know work - we also cast the right performers and ensure costume and makeup are all working with the event theme. We hold a high standard for skill, costume, appearance, and professionalism, and we ensure that these criteria are well and truly met for your desired outcome.

When you get this combination right - the right performer, the right act, the right costume and makeup, in the right place and performing the right thing - it is 100% guaranteed that your roving entertainment is the linchpin of any successful event.

So, what's your next event going to look like? How can our Roving performers help enhance your event? Challenge us to come up with an event theme, or create a whole new roving act! Just make sure you are hiring roving characters and event entertainment suppliers who are skilled in providing the best and most exciting entertainment. If you are interested in other Roving characters for your event, click here. Otherwise, call us on 1300 261 545 or enquire with us to speak to us about other event entertainment options.

Hanz Fondelle Character Host Hire for Corporate and Private Events

I'm very happy to see you, da?

Hanz Fondelle is a character host straight out of the most colourful cultures of Europe. Ambiguous in every manner but his fun-loving personality, Hanz Fondelle is known at Applause Entertainment as the infamous Dick Deveroux's international muse.

Hanz Fondelle will make a great character host for your event, whether it be a Euro-themed event, a Murder Mystery, a Game Show LIVE! or anything in between. He'll get along with everyone, from your mother-in-law to the pug at the door - just don't be too shocked when Hanz Fondelle hands get a bit fondle-y!

Hanz Fondelle is performed by a professional actor whose fast talking quips will have the guest in stitches. He's a great character to bring to corporate events that need a bit of colour and noise, or private functions that want to really stand out. If you want your guests to be laughing themselves silly at Hanz's unique European outlook on life, then you must call us today!

Our performers and actors are professional performers all skilled in event entertainment and performance. They are guaranteed to keep your guests entertained and talking for months about their wonderful experience.

Guests are greeted with style and flair

Roll out the red carpet and install a couple of paparazzi, and a handful of screaming fans, and you’ve got yourself a decent Hollywood experience. But the European cherry on top of the cake? That would be Hanz Fondelle – red carpet host! He’ll be there to give your event the extra kick-start you need to really get the guests excited.

Watch the video! Click here for mobile users.

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!

Caterpillar Character Alice in Wonderland Impersonator Performer Hire

"Who...are...you?" - Caterpillar

Tall, serious, and snobbish...meet Alice in Wonderland's Caterpillar character.

A towering character on stilts, the Caterpillar character performer will absolutely astonish your guests with his presence and beautiful costume and makeup.

The Caterpillar character impersonator will add a spectacular visual dimension to your Alice In Wonderland tea party themed event. Standing in stilts, tall above everyone, the caterpillar character in Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland is a serious, wise, but confusing character. The caterpillar's size will create the visual illusion that you and the guests have shrunk!

Watch the video to see the caterpillar character performer and other Alice in Wonderland characters in action, or browse through our other Alice in Wonderland themed event ideas. 

Our character hire performers are professional actors and performers who not only look the part, but their characteristics and mannerisms are perfect to the role. Check out our other impersonators and characters, or call or contact us for more information about what sort of characters we can bring to your event. Our characters suit all sorts of events, from private to corporate, funny to serious, young and old!

For more Alice in Wonderland tea party magic, invite the Caterpillar along with some of his other colourful companions and cast members. A frazzled White Rabbit will be the perfect companion, as well as the Mad Hatter, or how about the imposing Queen of Hearts? And don't forget the curious Alice herself.

Check out the gallery to see the amazing special effects make up and Caterpillar character design up close.

Watch the video! Click here for mobile users.

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!

Ancient Aztec Warrior Characters Events Entertainment

From the Empire of El Dorado to you...

The ancient Aztec Warrior tribes are here. They are sombre and serious, and each of them skilled warriors and shaman from their lands. Ancient Aztec Warrior character performers come in beautiful costume and make up, and are so fierce that your guests are sure to wonder if they are friend or foe!

It's all about the quality of costume and makeup, and Applause character performers are dressed and adorned in the best quality costumes to give the most eye-catching and creative impression. The Golden Aztecs are sure to draw wonderous stares no matter where they go.

The Aztecs were a group of people living in ancient central South America. Their civilisation stretched back millenia, and still influences cultures in South America today. Dress up your event or party with these fierce and beautiful Aztec warriors.

We have creative event entertainment solutions for all events, from large corporate events to private parties. Nothing is too big! Our high level of professionalism ensures you a stress free evening that your guests will talk about for months, event years, to come.

Watch the video! Click here for mobile users.

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!

Melbourne and Olympic Park Alice in Wonderland Event

Begin and the Beginning...

In 2015, Melbourne and Olympic Park transformed Melbourne Park Function Centre into Wonderland. As their guests stepped through the door, they were greeted by our Alice, Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, and the Serious Caterpillar. The night was an enchanted event, made even more storybook perfect by our performers. Watch the video below.

Call 1300 261 545 to talk about your Alice in Wonderland event, or ask about what other magic we can bring to your function.

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Alice in Wonderland themed Bat Mitzvah

A beautiful coming-of-age event filled with magic and wonder...

The magic of Alice in Wonderland was brought to this beautiful Bat Mitzvah celebration. There was the curious Alice, the wacky Mad Hatter, the harried White Rabbit, the strict Red Queen, the flexible Cheshire Cat, the tall Caterpillar, and the twin Tweedles.

Watch the video to see all the beautiful aspects of the Bat Mitzvah:

Call 1300 261 545 to talk about your Alice in Wonderland event, or ask what else we can provide for your special religious celebration.

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Welcome to El Dorado...the Lost Gold City

The VRC (Victoria Racing Club) Young Members Ball 2016 was held at Crown Palladium, but it was transformed into El Dorado, the Lost Gold City. The Young Members Ball guests were greeted by four Aztec warriors into their 'traditional land'. The stoic warriors, astonished and confounded by the lifestyle of 21st Century Australia, interacted with the guests, discovering technology and even dancing!

The impressively costumed Aztec warrior performers were a highlight of the evening, and guests were delighted to interact with these ancient tribal warrior characters. This is an excellent example of how our roving characters can enhance the experience and theme of an event.

Watch the video below to see the Aztecs in action

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Check out these HILARIOUS Santa Fails!

We at Applause Entertainment take pride in our Santas. We are 100% serious about providing great Santas for the perfect Christmas. We have a list of very specific rules when it comes to providing our customers and clients with the best, jolliest Santa possible, and our standards are very high. That's why when we see epic Santa fails, we find them 100% HILARIOUS.

Still, we know the laughter is at the expense of someone's ruined Christmas, so we're here today to show you some hilarious Santa fails, and tell you how you can do better. Remember, these fails happened because people relied on unprofessional suppliers. Learn how to spot FAILS:

Avoid these FAILS for your Santa:


Santa's entrance is one of the biggest events during Christmas. When planning your Santa's entrance, make sure it's well organized, executed, and rehearsed. Taking the extra time to rehearse Santa's entrance means you'll avoid FAILS like in this video (for the good stuff, skip to 1:20):

His costume wasn't even correct: he wasn't wearing Santa belt and boots and had no roly-poly belly! You can see his bare skin around the ankles and wrists. If the organizers had just taken the time to rehearse their Santa's entrance, they would have figured out how to avoid this EPIC fail. This FAIL completely shattered the magic of Santa Claus for every boy and girl present, and ruined Christmas for countless families!


Santa needs to be jolly all the time. That means NO FROWNING. A frowning Santa makes children think he's about to eat them, then go after mummy and daddy. Look at how terrifying this FAIL Santa is:

serious santa making child cry

That's not the expression of a man you'd want inside your house in the middle of the night. Santa Claus needs to be friendly and approachable, and always energetic. After all, Christmas is his favourite time of the year, why would he be grumpy?


Speaking of friendly and approachable, it goes without saying that Santa Claus needs to also look like Santa Claus. And, believe it or not, Santa Claus tends to look like a human being. This Santa missed the memo:

freaky makeup santa

Why in the world would you let such a nightmare near your children? Make sure you trust your supplier to have high standards on how their Santas look.


Santa has a very classic outfit: He is always seen in his Red-and-White suit, a big floppy Santa hat, black shiny belt and boots, and clean white gloves. He also has a lovely rosy complexion from how jolly he is. He's also supposed to look alive. Again, this is not a FAIL you want at your Christmas:

scary zombie santa

If it wasn't for the crying boy in his lap, you wouldn't have even known that was supposed to be Santa Claus. The quality of Santa's outfit is very important to his appearance, so make sure your Santa supplier dresses their Santas in beautiful, quality, clean and nice-smelling costumes. 

These are just some of the important rules our Santas NEVER break when they go out to bring joy to children and adults alike. We want to see the Christmas cheer spread as far as possible, and that means providing the most professional and perfect Santas you can expect.

These are the Santa WINS you're looking for:

We're not blowing smoke up our chimneys, we want to show you what a proper Santa should look like. These are Santa Claus that are jolly and friendly, and look great in their wonderful costumes!

We helped put together one of the coolest Santa entrances ever! This wasn't possible without very extensive rehearsal and planning, and professionals working together:

The spectacle was the entrance itself, and the crowd was amazed.


Santa's outfit cannot be compromised - his gorgeous Red-and-White suit, his shiny black boots and clean white gloves, and flowing long beard, are all there, not matter what he does.

jennifer hawkins and santa

Even under all that beard, you can always tell our Santa is smiling. His friendly smile and charming ho-ho-ho conveys the spirit of Christmas, and you just know with such a friendly Santa Claus, your children will keep believing in the magic of Christmas. Santa loves all children, big or small. A good Santa is approachable and charming, and the kids will feel at ease near him. There's nothing more heartwarming than a lovely Christmas photo of your children with Santa.

cute santa photo

If your Santa isn't any of this - He's Not Good Enough!

We’re so proud and happy to be trusted by so many families and companies, big and small, all across Australia. We always make sure our Santas are police-checked and children-friendly, insured, and wearing beautiful costumes, beards and wigs.

Trust in professional Santa providers

You've seen what a really great Santa is supposed to look and feel like, now book him for your Christmas! Don't end up as another FAIL on our (and Santa's) list!