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3 key services you should expect from a good events provider

3 key services you should expect from a good events provider

It’s no lie: planning an event is hard work. What used to be the “fun side project” to distract you from your other jobs has now become the biggest roadblock to your productivity. 

An events provider can do all the busy-work for you, while still giving you the choice to add your own special touch. Whether it’s for corporate office events, or planning a special party for yourself or a loved one, a top-quality events provider will do all the hard work, while you take all the credit.

No matter what events provider you go with, you should always demand these 3 services that will help your event go the extra mile and make it truly something special.


1. Conveyance of Knowledge - Experienced Event Consultants

Rest assured knowing that the performer who shows up at your event will have an act that’s perfectly suited to your party style and theme. With countless events under our belt, and having provided for every walk of life, Applause Entertainment is able to leverage our vast network of performers and suppliers to place the perfect entertainment at your event.

More importantly, our close working relationship with performers across Australia means we understand their strengths and weaknesses. We know which magician will blow away high value corporate VIPs with their stage presence, and which magician has children-friendly material that will keep young minds captivated. You benefit from our history of knowledge by knowing you’ll be receiving the perfect entertainment without the endless hunt.

magic mad hatter

Case Study: This Mad Hatter is a magician - whose intricately designed yet universally delightful tricks are ideal for children's eyes. The colourful character and costume means it's a family-friendly option for corporate family days, keeping both adults and children entertained. Applause Entertainment put an award-winning magician into a recognizable and beloved character, which fit perfectly into the client's event theme of "Alice in Wonderland".

2. Conversation and Consultation - Knowing the Guts of Your Event

The only way to get to know what is best for your event, is to get to know the event inside and out. Our consultants are able to achieve this by jumping on the phone and really talking to you, or if you are local to Melbourne, meeting you face to face. With so many entertainment choices available, we know it can be nerve-wracking to make the decision on the right ones. By having an in-depth conversation with you, our consultants are able to ask the crucial questions, instead of simply forwarding you a price tag. These crucial questions include: what sort of guest demographic you’ll be expecting, what your event expectations are, and other essential event information like the physical space - not only about the venue space, but the potential performance space ("Is there a stage? Are there AV equipment? How about a high ceiling?), your past events to gauge what sort of expectations the guests will enter with, and a run-sheet (the schedule) of the overall event to best know where the entertainment could fit in.

There are questions our consultants will ask in an in-depth conversation that may not have arisen otherwise - what is the catering situation? The reason for this, for example, is that a canapé style of food service, compared to a sit down table service, or even a buffet, will allow for different entertainment – we take into consideration the guests’ movements, the venue staff movements, as well as the availability of guest attention, performance space…our wealth of knowledge is conveyed and imparted to you so that you receive the best possible experience, and we ensure that what is suggested to you, will work for your event.

All of these little details are covered and considered by us, and you won’t have to worry if something seemingly meaningless will derail the whole event. Is your event provider asking these key questions? An excellent event provider will put the guests’ enjoyment and experience above all else.

a friendly consultant

A phone call or a conversation goes a long way to instil confidence. If you are not confident about whether your events provider is the right fit, get them to meet you, and talk to you. Our consultants are always ready to chat about your event. A great events provider is able to not only suggest great choices, but have the confidence to tell you why your original idea won't work, and give you experienced evidence as to why. This means you get the best possible entertainment for your specific event needs, backed by the confidence of providers with over a decade of experience.

3. Collaboration and Creation - Take Your Ideas to the Next Level

So far, we’ve covered how a good event provider can make your event planning a breeze when you are short on time. Now let’s discuss how you can benefit even if all of your creative energy and focus is dedicated to your event.

We can help develop and grow your concepts to a whole new level. Your vision can become reality, and so much more. Our catalogue of acts, shows, and skilled performers are at your disposal, and we’re always open to consulting on a mashup of two or more ideas. We can collaborate with your vision, and suggest options that we have provided previously that we know work, that you may not have realized was possible. Or, we could make suggestions and help you create a brand new concept, backed by the experience and wisdom of knowing what type of creative leaps work. These are just some of the collaborative and creative services that a truly outstanding events provider should be able to bring to the table.

An excellent events provider should be flexible, and support you with room for growth. Look out for providers who are able to take your vision and do more and suggest more than pre-set shows and acts. This is a truly valuable service which will see your event soar above and beyond your expectations, while still staying true to your creative essence and vision.

original concept magician

Case study: The client's company is all about energy and innovation, and so their Christmas party was naturally a neon sci-fi themed event. They asked us to provide entertainment that suited their theme. We took this brief, and suggested an original concept that went beyond matching the theme - it captured the essence of the theme and built upon it. The Android Magician is an Applause Entertainment creation borne from the need to have a sleek, corporate level entertainment that's like nothing that exists on the market. The skill/act itself still has to be engaging on a core level - such as a highly skilled roving magician - but the costume has to be next level.

Instead of a run-of-the-mill costume, we engaged the services of our talented costume concept designer, and the creative makeup design to craft and create a character, and merged it with our magician, transforming him with high-quality SFX makeup into an Android. The costumer custom built and attached the EL Wire strips to highlight his suit, and the makeup artist transformed a human head into a system of nuts and bolts. This was very well received by the client, and the act went far to help reinforce and strengthen the power of the sci-fi event theme. We were able to take this concept, and offer to future clients with the confidence of being able to bring to the table a fresh new concept that has been proven to be a great entertainment option.

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