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6 Ways to Leverage Quality Photos from Your Event

6 Ways to Leverage Quality Photos from Your Event

It’s estimated that more photos are taken in one year now, than there ever existed during the film era. This fact really makes you think about how photographs have become a core part of how we remember and experience our daily lives. This goes double for events – great event photos will help remind guests of their experience at your party, and also become a part of the ongoing story of each of their lives.

So we’ve put together some ways that you can get more photos out of your event, with some special options that will give you both physical and digital photos as keepsakes.

Photos from events are priceless mementos and tokens for your life. Great quality event photos allow those who missed out on an event, as well as the attendees, to look at and experience the event all over again.

If you are running a business, also remember that photos are essential to visually representing your brand, online, on social media platforms, and in print. Having more photos is hugely beneficial for your company.

how to get more photos at your event

Photobooth hire

Photobooths are all the rage these days, because they are easy to set up, and it means you and your guests will have pictures to take home with them. Many photobooths nowadays are set up so that users can have their photo emailed to them immediately, for sharing on various social media channels, like the GIF photo booth that records a small video in GIF format.

There are so many of the same kind of photo booths out there, your guests will be really impressed by photo booths that take a more creative approach. There are photo booths that are open - not an enclosed box - or photobooths that create the illusion of space. There are photo booths that will really invite your guests to get creative on their poses!

Some ways that you can spice up your event’s photobooth experience include something that makes your guests look great, but also doesn’t disrupt the appearance of your event. For example, a blow-up photo booth is easily set up, and its retro appearance actually enhances – and not intrudes upon – your party’s groove and style.

If you are expecting kids at your event, then you’ll want a photo booth solution that doesn’t leave them out. Something like the Mirror Selfie photo booth is designed to frame the image from a lot lower than traditional photo booths - from the feet or ankle upwards, instead of the waist - so kids won’t have to be held or lifted to star in their own photos! The Mirror Selfie photo booth also features an interactive touch screen

blog up photo booth

Blow-up photo booth in action - looking good!

On site photo printing

On site photo printing is best utilized to provide variety in the kinds of photos your guests receive as keepsakes. You can set up on-site photo printing in a portrait-corner style setup, or paired with a roving professional photographer.

Setting up on site photo printing means your guests can have their photo taken, socialize and experience other aspects of your event, then pick up the printed photos later on.

You can utilize on site printing as a way to effectively guide guests through your event space, starting from the entrance. Greet them at the very start with something creative and visually captivating, like a fire twirler, and install a photographer to capture the guests’ reactions to the entertainment. Then, after they have entered the venue or engaged with the main event space, provide them a space to pick up their photo.

It stops bottlenecks at the entrance, and also give them a chance to take something away from the event. You’ll find more photos will be taken when guests know they’ll get something out of it.

On site printing also provides you and your guests with a proper quality memento - because the machine prints real photos, you know your guests are receiving items that they'll be proud to display in frames and photo albums.

 on site photo printing

Speedy on-site printing means added value for your guests

Paparazzi as Welcoming

An event experience needs to be all encompassing - that means you don't leave a single moment without filling it with some way to entertain and engage your guests. That goes double for opportunities to capture priceless moments. By adding something at the entrance, you are stepping forward to greet your guests, not the other way around. These Paparazzi performers are a way to enhance this crucial point of your event with opportunities for engagement, entertainment, and most importantly,  precious photo memories. This particular style of entertainment is designed to give your guests a bespoke experience and also capture the candid moments normally lost.

paparazzi at events

Go to your guests, don't wait for them to come to you. Classic paparazzi performer

Setting up a Snapchat geofilter

Snapchat is easy and fun to use, and the many types of location-based filters are one of the reasons why you’ll see more and more people open up that little yellow ghost at events. Setting up a location filter is very easy – and also an easy way to track your guests interacting at your event. Get started on setting up a geofilter for your event.

 snapchat geofilter

Just some of the Snapchat filters that can enhance your event's Snapchat presence

Choose a short, snappy hashtag

A hashtag is the easiest way to keep track of how people are engaging with your brand. But not sticking to one hashtag, or an overly complicated one, can destroy its effectiveness.

Use a logical, natural sounding phrase, and plaster it wherever you can – such as setting up a watermark on photo booth printouts, on the graphic of your Snapchat filter, etc. Seeing a unified and easy-to-use hashtag will naturally prompt your guests to use it when they share their own photos, and you’ll find yourself an automatic collection of photos of guests enjoying your event.

Instead of, for example: #applauseentertainmentnightforexcellence2017 opt for something easy to remember, like: #appentawards17

long hashtag 

Give the guests something to take a photo of

Arguably the most under-considered part of events that lack any sort of focal point (such as a dancefloor, a centrepiece, etc) is the entertainment. People will naturally socialize, but you need to give them a reason to do it. Some form of visual entertainment, like living sculptures, acrobat performers, or even something that guests can engage with, like a roving magician, can give your guests a reason to want to take photos that’s not just selfies.

One way that we add more value to roving entertainment at events, is based on the quality of our performers' abilities. No matter their talent and skill, our performers are briefed to engage with guests actively and create photo opportunities, not leave them to chance. This means that you'll be seeing great happy "candid moments" that wouldn't have been possible without the performer putting the guest at ease and setting up the opportunity. Our performers understand that many guests are a little shy, so they're more than happy to speak up to the photographer for them!

applause living statue and kevin rudd 

A top notch Living Statue entertaining former PM of Aus Kevin Rudd!

Finding the right entertainment for your event space and needs can be tricky, and the easiest way to guarantee entertainment that your guests will love while saving time, is to speak to professional entertainment curators about your options. They can integrate entertainment that works around specific key moments for your event – think speeches and stage shows – and even help organize the photography options.

Trust in Professionalism - especially at events

Event photographers are hard to come by - their subjects tend to not stay still for very long, nor is the venue lighting very aperture friendly. A truly professional and - we dare say it - good event photographer knows how to best utilize their equipment and flash to produce images where your guests are properly lit under any lighting condition, but not washed out. They also know how to jump on top of that unscripted moment and capture the priceless expressions.

We often hear about events where everything was organized down to the T, but the photos were left as a favour from Uncle Jeff with a Nikon DSLR and an ill-chosen lens. We strongly recommend letting Uncle Jeff bring his camera and take photos, but to also inviting a professional photographer. Who knows, Uncle Jeff might even learn a thing or two.

Check out our Past Events albums to see some of our previous events. Pay close attention to the quality and variety of the photos and how they capture some truly unmissable moments.

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