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The Best Reasons for using Consultants when Booking Events

The Best Reasons for using Consultants when Booking Events

Entertainment and Event Consultants will give you so many more benefits than you realized

“Consultancy”, it’s a buzzword that you hear everywhere, but what do consultants do for you? And more importantly, are they worth your time and investment?

We’re not going to speak on behalf of every industry and their consultants. But we do know the entertainment and events industries inside and out, and as a leading entertainment consultancy for Australian events, we’re going to give you the top 5 best reasons why it’s more beneficial for you to use consultants when booking your events.

While this article is going to be mostly about the ways you benefit from having entertainment consultants, a lot of the theories also apply to other areas of the events industry, such as catering, AV, venue hire, and more.

best reasons to use a consultant

You’re receiving insider event industry knowledge

Consultants within any industry are often experts in their field, with multitudes of experience under their belt. One of the best ways to know the event and entertainment industry, is to have been an event entertainer yourself. Applause Entertainment is a very good example of a consultancy that has deep industry roots.

Applause Entertainment was founded by Daniel Tusia and Louise Creighton, both of whom have been working first-hand within the events industry as entertainers and consulting for events for most of their lives. With their background, they have put together a team of consultants who are all an intrinsic part of the events and performance industry.

The industry knowledge that you can expect from Applause Entertainment includes experience from actors of stage and theatre, event management, event entertainment and performance, recorded musicians, to name a just a few. You will be speaking with consultants who have first-hand tried and trusted solutions to achieve your entertainment objectives.

By booking your event entertainment with a consultant, you get to have a peek “behind the scenes” of the entertainment industry, and benefit directly from their knowledge and tricks of the trade.

The Applause Entertainment consultants' advice, recommendations, and ideas are all rooted from their wealth of passion and knowledge, and you’re getting unparalleled confidence for your event. Being artists themselves, they have an invested passion in making your event a success for all involved.

you receive insider industry knowledge from experts

Our consultants are actively and deeply involved in the events industry, so you're getting the freshest and best industry knowledge when you receive advice from them.

You’re being asked the right questions based on practical knowledge

It’s very important that you get asked the right questions by your consultants. The right questions will unearth all sorts of possibilities that will take your event and entertainment to the next level.

Whether you’re coming to us with a brand new event idea, or you’re tendering last year’s event to a fresh pair of eyes, Applause Entertainment consultants will ask you the right questions based on their practical experience with events. This may be from to their own personal history of knowledge when working at events, or from direct feedback from performers in the past. Between the collective minds at Applause Entertainment, you are enjoying thousands of hours of accumulated wisdom - how do you top that?

The recommendations aren't just limited to what entertainment, but also the why, the who, the where, the how, the when…it goes on. Our consultants will make recommendations based on the event goals you are trying to achieve, guide you on whether a shorter or longer performance time is more effective to that goal, and most importantly whether it will create that wow-factor with your guests.

More than that, there have been instances where our consultants have made recommendations to make an event safer. One huge benefit of an experienced entertainment consultant is their ability to see potential dangers and OH&S violations that you may not have realized, but the consultant has foreseen due to their past events knowledge. You'll definitely want to take advantage of that.

The most beneficial service that you’ll enjoy from booking event with a consultancy is the fact that they will recommend alternatives. Which brings us to our next point…

You’ll receive honest recommendations, and better alternatives

Entertainment consultants are there to help you get the most out of your entertainment, while keeping true to your vision. The client’s ideas are what make the event unique, and skilled consultants keep that on their minds when making any recommendations.

However sometimes, a great vision is only great in theory, and not realistic or practical at a live event. Applause Entertainment consultants are here to listen and take on board your ideas, and make recommendations and suggest alternatives based on what will realistically work for live events.

A common misconception that our consultants often come across is when a client has an idea that they saw in a movie or on YouTube. True, these ideas looked great on screen, but at a live event, there is no take-two; you can't just wait 5 minutes and attempt The Moment again. Nor will your guests stand at the perfect viewing angle, and there is no expert sound mixer to make spoken dialogue audible over event music. Ideas that look good when filmed and watched later on may actually disappoint guests and "fizzle out" at the actual event

Our consultants will step in and give you some recommendations geared towards maximum effectiveness for live events. They will ask for the reason behind the idea, what effect and expectation the idea is meant to generate, and most importantly how you'd like your audience to experience the entertainment. The recommendations will ensure that the original idea is enhanced for maximum effectiveness at the live event.

best possible idea for you

The knowledge you’ll get from our expert consultants' recommendations will, literally, be the best idea ever.

You get entertainment that’s best for you – not shopped from a catalogue

The result from all the expert knowledge, practical advice, and informed recommendation, is that you’re getting the best possible entertainment for you. Your entertainment – and by extension your event – is now the product of something best suited for your event needs, your style, your location, your audience, your budget, and you! Most importantly, every single valuable service that our consultant has provided will be geared to creating an event experience that will captivate your crowd, and amaze your audience.

This is why Applause Entertainment is a consultancy, rather than a directory. When your entertainment has been consulted and curated by experts in the field, and not picked off the shelf, you have eliminated the risk that the entertainment won't be effective. Whenever you're unsure if a particular idea will work, you'll benefit so much more from using an expert consultant to book your entertainment hire.

Along with our complimentary entertainment coordination service, you’ll be receiving a premium service experience for your event entertainment. This is what differentiates the Applause Entertainment consultant from what you’ll get if you’re just “shopping from a catalogue”, or rather simply booking from a directory of performers. It’s also what saves you the time and headache of blindly searching and comparing hundreds of options that’s available out there.

custom made experience for you

You're not getting something mass-produced out of a box. Your event is unique, and deserves unique, custom consults for the best effect.

Ultimately, the best reason to use an entertainment consultant is the same reason why you read expert reviews before purchasing, why you read books written by experts to learn about a topic, and in general consult with experts in order to receive the best of whatever you’re looking for. An Applause Entertainment consultant makes your event bookings a whole lot easier, and you’ll benefit by receiving the best possible entertainment suited to your event needs and budget.

Are you looking for more creative ideas and solutions for your event entertainment needs? Start exploring the website to get inspiration, or call 1300 261 545 and enquire about your next event! It’s time to build your event experience.