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Android Magician and Fembots – Stylistic Entertainment

Straight out of Sci-fi...

While technology advances every time we blink, but a part of us will always dream of the aesthetically stunning visions created by Tron, Back to the Future, Blade Runner and Robocop to name a few. This is exactly what we provided to our clients, who asked for a futuristic costume and entertainment design to match their futuristic theme.

Firstly, we called together four beautiful fembots, complete with aesthetics inspired by The Fifth Element, Tron, and enhanced by the wildest of our designer’s imagination. Arriving on segways, these four fembots greeted guests with their cool, sterile, mechanic appearances.

Next, we recruited an Android Magician, painting makeup designed to emulate hotchpotch headplates of an android. With matching glowing costumes, the Android Magician also rocked a pair of kicks from Back to the Future. Reminiscent of a Daft Punk character, the Android Magician performed tricks that seemed humanly impossible – almost with the magical precision of a machine.

What this event needed was entertainment that suited the unique style of the atmosphere, and required some design and performers who broke the mould.

Watch the video below to see how great it looked:

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