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Arabian Night at the Races - 2017

Arabian Night at the Races

Mustafa Yumunny is calling the camel race - it's a photo finish!

The horse racing Bookies games are a fun way to involve and entertain a large group of people in some easy competitive fun. The Arabian Nights theme is a beautiful and exotic event theme that gives guests plenty of opportunities to dress up, and be immersed in a whole different experience, as well as allow the event to include all sorts of wonderful entertainment.

The Arabian Night at the Races saw Applause Entertainment combining the best of both into a mega end-of-year corporate event, where camel races were run, and bets were against Arabian bookies with tons of personality. Personalized Funny Money rained down from above, and there was a belly-dancing danceoff, waitstaff wearing fez, and a tarot reader... and so much more. It was an Arabian Night to remember.

Explore the gallery below to see the beautiful event theming and decorations. 

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