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Dark Circus Cirque D'Mill

Things got a little...weird...

We've done so many circus themed events, we've lost count - children's parties, corporate parties, nightclub promos, and everything in between...but when a client asked us if we could take our classic circus theme and go a little...darker...we jumped into it head first.

Starting with a Ring Master who's got his companion on a very short leash, the man in charge does not monkey around! The monkey was created via careful and creative face prosthetics and makeup to give it that certain not-quite-human feel. Then, we brought along a snake charmer, who has a huge, slithering python completely under her spell, and partnered her up with a contortionist who eats metal swords for breakfast! A scary clown whose grin is just a little too wide, and a moustached magician with a few tricks up his sleeve, and we've got a complete picture - but wait! To really heat things up, we've also got a fire eating nymph, greeting guests at the door with her sizzling talents.

Throughout the night, guests were entertained and astounded by the talents of the assembled entertainers, and some of the antics were NOT for the faint of heart! A thoroughly weird, twisted, and dark night filled with all the mysteries of the circus, Applause Entertainment is proud to introduce to you...Dark Circus

Watch the video below to see how these characters came about, and witness the antics!

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