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Enchanted Forest - Creatures of Myth and Magic

Enchanted Forest - Creatures of Myth and Magic

The enchanted forest nymph gracefully greeted the guests at this event. We carefully crafted a beautiful forest nymph character with costume and makeup design inspired by the very foliage of the enchanted forest itself.

Joining her was the mythical duo, whose visual trickery mesmerized those who wandered upon the magical forest kingdom. One half of this duo is the Magician, whose nimble hands vanished and produced all sorts of wonders. The other half is the Trickster, whose steady hands created illusions just as captivating as his brother.

Not to be outdone, the forest nymph herself greeted the guests by leaving her magical mark upon their face. The forest nymph painted elegant and classy designs upon the people who crossed her path, welcoming them into the embrace of her Enchanted Forest.

This event challenged us to take something that was visually stunning, and enhance each character with a talent that will further capture the imagination and awe of the guest. Our focus was on interaction and engagement, and through this, we created an even more enchanting event experience.

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