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Making the Cut for Kaboodle Kitchens at 2017 DIY Industry Expos

Making the Cut for Kaboodle Kitchens at 2017 DIY Industry Expos

When it comes to effectively drawing a crowd to your Expo stand, Applause Entertainment has many experiential ideas and entertainment options that will engage your potential customers, and reinforce your brand’s position in their minds.

But, what happens when you have a stand at an internal industry expo, where the attendees are DIY industry savvy staff whose minds are set on being educated on a huge variety of products and brands? This is exactly the problem that our client Kaboodle Kitchens faced in 2017, when they wanted to promote their new range of cut-to-measure kitchen range at internal DIY industry expos across Australia.

Read on to learn about how we helped Kaboodle Kitchens achieve positive and practical results by designing a custom experiential marketing solution based around four major pillars of need: Educate; Exhibit; Engage; and Entertain. By answering each need in relation to the others, we knew that the whole would be much greater than sum of the parts.


From the onset, the shift in type of audience our client was expecting also shifted the type of need the entertainment had to fulfil. Because the attendees were DIY industry staff, their motives at this Expo was different to usual – they did not intend to make purchases, nor become clients of a brand for personal reasons; they were wanting to learn about the available products and brands in order to enhance their own skills at work.

While Kaboodle is a well known brand, the new cut-to-measure (CTM) range will include new information that the staff will need to learn. Therefore, the solution that Applause Entertainment will provide for the expo stand will have to be implemented to maximise knowledge attainment and, more importantly, retention, while focusing on brand recognition and awareness.


Since Kaboodle’s stand would have to stand out at the Expo – whatever solution we implemented had to be able to be exhibited, and also complement the theme and visual theme-ing that Kaboodle had already designed for their stand. Moreover, each aspect that the attendees could see, hear, and interact with, must perform a function towards helping achieve our client’s goals.


Nothing entices a person to engage with something than the promise of winning something great for free. From the numerous corporate team-building events that we have organised, we also knew that friendly but fiery competition also makes for good encouragement.

Kaboodle’s theme for this expo stand was a Deli - the idea was to tie in the concept of a kitchen with the keywords of this new product: "cut to measure" and "cold cuts".  The Deli concept also gave Kaboodle a visually unique theme with plenty of potential for creativity.

But how can Kaboodle best use the Deli theme to engage their audience? Kaboodle initially toyed with the idea of diorama models of Kaboodle Kitchens, complete with mini-versions of the new CTM range, and challenging attendees to put together the best kitchen set, with the winning team would take home a huge deli platter, tying back in with the Deli theme.

However, Kaboodle realised that the diorama idea came with a set of certain logistic difficulties – how can this activation pique the interest of other passing attendees? How can spectators be engaged when they're not building the diorama? How could the visual spectacle be broadcasted to maximise reach and engage interest? 

Kaboodle also foresaw difficulties that would arise from the build of the props to create dioramas, and subsequently ensuring that none get lost or damaged, and then packing and transporting the whole kit and caboodle (pun very intended) across the various states that the expos will take place. Coming to us with these challenges, Kaboodle challenged us to offer a much better option.


Finally, how can this be an Applause Entertainment case study without talking about the entertainment? We know from our long history of promotional events that excellent, curated entertainment is the factor that can answer every other experiential marketing need.

One crucial aspect that we wanted to boost for Kaboodle was the element of entertainment, which will in turn achieve maximum crowd retention by keeping their attention even when they're not being actively engaged.

After considering these areas of concern and carefully thinking through the four major pillars of needs that our client was facing, we got to work.


We wanted to work within the concept and theme of the Deli, and enhanced it with a bespoke host character "Cupido Kaboodle". Cupido was performed by a professional actor who would facilitate the activities and the education, as well as act as a very charismatic spruiker to draw attention to the stand. The addition of a character host was designed to Entertain any attendees not actively engaging with the activity, and also bring the Deli theme to life.

Kaboodle had kitted out the expo stand to feature a wall of CTM cabinet samples, all clearly marked with measurements and available options (see the gallery below for examples). We also suggested the inclusion of a large TV screen installed overhead. We wanted to offer options that maximised opportunities to Educate the attendees, and a digital screen helped Kaboodle with the flexibility to display a wide range of information and visual media. Attendees can Engage with information on the CTM range from a variety of information avenues, and thus Kaboodle was able to effectively and creatively Exhibit in a space filled with numerous vendors vying for attention.

In order to encourage information retention, we changed the competition activity into a Game Show style trivia game, where attendees are expected to answer questions about the CTM range live on the TV screen. After engaging and drawing a crowd, the rules and the prize were explained (a prize for the winners of the game and highest score of the participant's store branch would receive the grand daily prize), then Cupido would interview a staff expert to explain the CTM programme. The act of teaching, then asking for the information back, engages the part of the brain in a learning process that is much deeper and meaningful than simply being shown the information.

The Game Show trivia technology allowed for fully customisable mutimedia questions, and was easily broadcasted to other onlookers. The multimedia functions meant that when the game show wasn't being played, the screen could double as a billboard of information on Kaboodle. We managed the running of and setup of the technology, so for Kaboodle it was the perfect replicable and reliable activity for the expo need.

This expo solution was so effective, there were attendees returning throughout the day to try again for a better score. This was a wonderful result for us, and for our client Kaboodle, as it indicated a high level of interest and excellent brand and product exposure, all on a meaningful level of engagement and interest.

We have many Promotional entertainment options ready for your experiential marketing campaign, or you can challenge us to create a bespoke solution like we had for Kaboodle. Learn about how entertainment is the route to take to maximise your marketing budget for return on investment, or get in touch with a professional Applause Entertainment consultant.

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