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In Killer Company - Murder Mystery Themed Game Show LIVE!

Ladies and Gentlemen...there is a Killer among us...let's play a GAME to figure out who!

This was a unique and fun event idea that was simply waiting to come into existence. Once we put it together, we knew that it would become one of your favourite event entertainment. Let's break it down.

The Killer (Event) Amongst Us

Putting his thinking cap out, creative director Daniel wrote up an elaborate plot filled with false leads, framed suspects, stolen art masterpieces, Hollywood-style fake blood effects, all wrapped together with a head-scratching quiz show aimed to finding the true culprit. It's our classic Murder Mystery game meet the excitement of Game Show LIVE!

Of course, an Applause event isn't complete with a proper hoodwink - weeks before the actual event, we sent performers posing as detectives and, with the help of the CEO of the company, "investigated" a "stolen" piece of art, and interviewed potential suspects - none of whom realized it was all a hoax! With a sense of mystery in the air, and a promise that all will be revealed at the end-of-year staff party, the stage was well and truly set.

Then, came the main event.

With a police sargeant, the media paparazzi, and security guards present, the pressure was on - will the killer still get to make their move? Sadly, as the evening began, "shots" rang out, and the CEO crumpled to the ground, bloodied. The festivities, and the investigation about the stolen art, soon became a murder investigation. Every guest have become sleuths to figure out whodunit.

Let's have a look at the events that unfolded during the mystery solving:

Check out some of the photos below. Don't worry, the blood was all fake.

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