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Paris 2 Provence French themed entertainment - 2016 & 2017

Paris 2 Provence French themed entertainment - 2016 & 2017

Applause Entertainment has been a proud supplier of French themed entertainment and characters for Paris 2 Provence at Como House for many years. Have a look at a sample of the entertainment we provided in 2016, and 2017, and how they helped celebrate French culture at this family-friendly festival.

2016 Paris 2 Provence: Hot Air Balloon on Stilts, Jean d'Arme, and Lord Gorgeous and Lady Lovely

We provided a unique bespoke Hot Air Balloon stilts costume to rove the event greeting guests for far above. Meanwhile, on the ground, Jean d'Arme rode around on his bicycle causing mischief and bringing glee to the many event goers. Finally, the pair of fops Lord Gorgeous and Lady Lovely made their way through the festival declaring everything to be "Gorgeous! Lovely!", truly reminiscient of the French aristocracy.

2017 Paris 2 Provence: The Return of Jean d'Arme, Marie Antoinette inspired Living Table, and introducing Fake French Artist

Jean d'Arme returned again for another year of antics and hilarity, weaving his way on his wobbly bicycle through throngs of eager festival attendees. Meanwhile, a Marie Antoinette Living Table acted as a beautiful point of interest, and Applause Entertainment was excited to introduce the Funny Fake French Artist, a character who is as artistic as he is "French", who was a hit with the families at the festival.

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