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Wild West Themed Casino Night Team Building

Wild West Themed Casino Night Team Building

The unknown frontier of the Wild West was the perfect backdrop for this Casino Night team building.

The initial idea from the client for this event was a corporate team building casino event themed to the Roaring 1920s, similar in concept to an EOFY idea we put together a few years ago. They also requested that we utilized our premium venue finding service to help locate a few options that are best suited for the event's requirements. From our list of contenders, the client loved and selected a venue called “The Ranch”. It was at that moment we knew the jazzy 1920s theme wasn’t the best fit for the venue.

In order to build upon the name of the venue, while at the same time embracing the client’s desire for a unique and creative entertainment theme, we suggested a Wild West cowboys theme. We helped transform the venue space into a proper Wild West saloon by sourcing the props and decorations, including a life-size prop horse, bales of hay, barrels, cacti, teepees, a swinging saloon door, and other expertly thought out important touches that recreated the Wild West feel.

An Applause Entertainment theme isn't complete without costumes, and we wanted to help the client's team feel especially immersed in the world of the west. We sourced and put together some Wild West themed costumes and accessories for the guests upon their arrival. The costume options we provided were easy to put on and suitable for everyone, such as cowboy hats, ponchos, stick-on handlebar moustache, and little plastic toy guns to complete the gunslinger look.

Then we got to the exciting part – the entertainment.

We have many team building entertainment ideas, but Casino Night remains a very fitting entertainment option for the theme - not to mention it suited the client's ideas and also the guest demographic. In order to tie together a complete suite of entertainment, we made further performer and entertainment recommendations to the client.

A Wild West saloon will always feature saloon gals and some gun-totin' lawmen. We brought in four well-dressed can-can dancers, and two sheriffs who were the MC hosts for the evening. The sheriff MCs introduced the night’s entertainment and kept the night on track, and the can-can dancers put on a show to welcome the guests, then helped them into their costumes. We ensured that the entertainment was there to enhance the event theme, and to fill any lulls between points of focus. The MCs were professional actors who drew the guests into the Wild West feeling, and the can-can dancers ensured that even moments such as putting on costumes were interesting and kept in theme.

For the main team building activities, we installed a number of highest quality, genuine poker and roulette tables, and even had the professional croupiers dressed to the Wild West theme. This helped the guests to fully immerse in the Wild West theme, and was an extra touch to keep the event theme on track.

Casino Night has been a tried-and-true form of team building game, as it sets itself apart from the usual day-to-day work mindset, and adds a competitive edge. It suits corporate use especially as it is very accessible for all levels of physical fitness and ability. The games are familiar to most people, or easily learned, and it doesn't force anyone to step out of their comfort zone. Our Casino Night events are played with faked "funny money" that introduced an element of silliness and frivolity. At the same time, the excitement of the dice roll and the unknown of the next card gets everyone excited and involved, and coming out of their shells.

Browse the gallery below to see the whole event in action, and experience a sample of the way we helped carry the event theme across the whole evening.

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