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Applause Entertainment Featured in Definitive Events Guide to event planning from Hire Intelligence

Applause Entertainment Featured in Definitive Events Guide to event planning from Hire Intelligence

Applause Entertainment has been featured as a highly recommended Event Entertainment provider on Hire Intelligence’s comprehensive and definitive guide to event planning. This guide is a fantastic tool that will help event planners across Australia, and we are very excited to be featured. The guide includes insightful tips and industry-savvy advice to help ease headaches and save you time on every facet of planning and organising an event.

Find Applause Entertainment under the Entertainment section for the Melbourne area in the guide's included map of providers. We have a network of professional and talented performers across every capital city in Australia – so don’t hesitate to use us to fulfil your entertainment needs.

applause entertainment on hire intelligence event planning guide map

For casual event planners, or for someone who has been tasked with managing a very important celebration, this guide is a great go-to source of insight and knowledge. For professional event managers, the choices of recommended event suppliers will be a priceless addition to your arsenal.

As professionals and veterans in providing, organising, and even performing entertainment at events for over a decade, we find the points touched on by Hire Intelligence to be very insghtful and useful for a variety of event needs. The event planning guide outlines some of the questions you should ask yourself when choosing event entertainment – such as what type of entertainment? How long should the entertainment go for? What type of guests will need to be entertained?

Applause Entertainment consultants take your entertainment planning a step further by asking more questions that you may not have realised needed answering. These questions include, but are not limited to: Where will the entertainment be? What else is happening at the same time – is food being served? We aim to provide you with implementing the best entertainment for your event needs and help take the guess work and leg work out of choosing, booking, and coordinating with the entertainer.

applause curated unique entertainment

Case study: The moment depicted in the image above came as a result of consulting with our client about what and where the entertainment needed to be. By asking in detail about the venue space, and how the guests will be situated, we were able to recommend a roving Android Magician, paired with Fembots for a fuller science-fiction effect. The intimate and dimmer space meant that close-up magic, along with costume design that are highlighted with glowing strips, will achieve an overall stronger and more effective result than just a roving magician without the sci-fi theme.

We work closely with Australia’s premium quality entertainment, performers, suppliers, and actors, to ensure that your guests are able to be immersed in the event concept and experience that you have conceived, and you will achieve event goals that you have set. Whether you are holding an event to boost morale, facilitate networking, as a vehicle to promote your brand, or to share fun experiences for your family, friends, or community, your entertainment should be designed for these purposes.

know your audience and you will know your event 

Applause Entertainment is able to supply premium entertainment across Australia, so if you have events that span multiple states and are looking for a simple one-stop solution for every one of your event entertainment needs, we have your back.

But if you find yourself at Step 1, and needing some expert insights and a cheat-sheet of the best event suppliers in your state, consult Hire Intelligence’s definitive event planning guide. Happy planning!

Are you looking for more creative ideas and solutions for your event entertainment needs? Start exploring the website to get inspiration, or call 1300 261 545 and enquire about your next event! It’s time to build your event experience.