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Action Squad – Team Building Action Film Workshop

Action Squad – Team Building Action Film Workshop

Great action films also come with one thing – a great squad. Just think: Suicide Squad, Predator, Inception, Goodfellas, every Fast and Furious movie ever made…the list goes on! So why can’t your office squad become the action squad? The Action Squad team building action film workshop does just that.

Learn film action stunts and become an Action Hero

Under the tutelage of skilled stunt choreographers and performers, your team will learn the basics of stunt training and acrobatic training. The performers will introduce you to some of the super cool stunts that your team will learn, and then it's time to work on practicing those stunts as a team! The choreographers are able to cater to almost all body types and fitness levels, so there will always be a way for your whole team to look super kickass!

Challenge the team to perform stunts they never knew they could. When you are in the safe, capable hands of the skilled performers, your team give it their all to go above and beyond their own expectations. This is a test of true mental and physical will, and a great opportunity to discover hidden talents within themselves.

Star in your own Action Film

Your amazing stunts and efforts won't be left unseen - throughout the day, a professional movie level cinematographer and camera setup will film your whole squad's actions and stunts. It will be the ultimate challenge to see who has practiced and learned their action moves the best throughout the day.

The experience doesn't have to end here - now that everyone has put in the hard work, it's time to enjoy themselves. When the film has been edited and is ready, you can then hold your own office film premiere. Then it's time to get your office squad together to attend the ultimate Action Film premiere.

Your team's safety is paramount. The action film workshop will include:

  • Crash mats and safety materials
  • High staff-to-participant ratio to ensure everyone gets supervision
  • Catering to different body and fitness types...

...to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

Attend the Film Premiere

You can save the film to be viewed at the end of year party, or hold a special get-together to enjoy the fruits of everyone's hard work. Make it a true Hollywood experience by rolling out the red carpet, getting dressed up, and smiing and posing for the paparazzi on the night

This is the moment when the team's hard work can be acknowledged. Make it an awards ceremony sort of event, complete with a celebrity character host. Team building isn't just about pushing your limits, it's about building strong bonds between each squad member as well, so there's nothing wrong with relaxing and having a bit of fun as well.

Experiential team building

There is nothing more benefitial to team building than learning and working together, and getting physically active in a group. Workshops give the team an opportunity to learn a new skill or enjoy some time away from work, but still in a construction capacity. Not only do team building workshops give everyone a chance to learn about themselves and their own capacity to improve, they're also a space for people to see how their colleagues and friends deal with challenges. This can lead to eye openers about how to work best with people who have different learning and working methods.

Exciting team building ideas

The Action Squad action film workshop is a fun, adrenaline pumping workshop that can be a straight up workshop, or dressed up as a whole experience complete with extra entertainment to enhance that Action Movie Star feeling. .

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Action Squad – Team Building Action Film Workshop

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