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Back to the Future Event Theme Ideas

Back to the Future Event Theme Ideas

Where we’re going…we don’t need any roads

Whether you’re going Back to the Future from 1955, 1985, 2015 or, heck, why not, 1885, a Back to the Future party theme is for you!

Invite Marty, the Doc, and his Delorean to the party, and watch as guests arrive in clothing from all different eras. Why not invite some Doo-Wop greasers from the 50s, some cowboys from 1885, a retro disco diva from 1985, and make them meet the folks from the 21st century? Go one further, and dress like the people of the “future” did in the movies! The possibilities are endless. A Back to the Future party not only allows you to hang out with the iconic characters from the movie, but you can also bring in characters from each of the era that Marty McFly and Doc Emmett Brown travelled to!

Relive nostalgia with Back to the Future

A Back to the Future event theme is the best way to capture all kinds of nostalgia, crossing timezones and timelines. Make sure you check out our Event Theme Styling page to get inspiration on how you can dress up your venue to suit this wonderful party theme.

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Watch the video to see a Back to the Future themed act perfect for stage shows. Mobile users click here.

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Back to the Future Event Theme Ideas

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