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Cheese Matching Workshops - Delicious, Fun, and Gouda for you!

Cheese Matching Workshops - Delicious, Fun, and Gouda for you!

Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to diss a brie?

Now that scientists have proven that addiction to cheese is real, you’re probably going to want to know what the best match for your cheese binge is. Our cheese matching workshops features a highly knowledgeable cheesemonger who will teach you all about matching the most delicious cheese with a partner!

There are various styles of the cheese matching workshops, which one sounds gouda to you?:

  • Cheese and wine pairing - a classy classic sure to please absolutely anyone
  • Cheese and beer - because who doesn't want a brewsky with their cheese?
  • Cheese and whisky - don't forget to fiddle with your gentleman's moustache
  • Cheese and champagne - to celebrate everything about cheese
  • Cheese and coffee - a surprising combination
  • Cheese tasting based on locality – French cheese, Spanish cheese, New World cheese etc
  • Cheese tasting based on the 7 major types of cheese – do you like soft cheeses? Or maybe you prefer harder ones?

Do you want to experience the workshop with a slice of humour or a wedge of character? Consider pairing a character performer to help the cheesemonger lighten up the mood! A hungry mime for French cheeses, or maybe a Crazy Chef who’s a know-it-all? Or structure the workshop around a French-themed party and transport everyone to Paris?

A Workshop for all Occassions

The cheese pairing workshop is perfect for intimate events such as Hen’s Nights, Birthday celebrations, or for special office parties where everyone would like to learn something fun.

This is a fun event idea to seamlessly complement another event entertainment that may be scheduled to take place afterwards, as the laughter and fun of the cheese workshop (not to mention being acquainted with all that wine or beer) will be the perfect ice breaker for later activities.

The best part about this cheese pairing workshop? Everyone walks away with knowledge that will enhance their lives later on. The next time you’re at a fancy restaurant with a fancier cheese platter on the menu, you can look the fanciest of them all by requesting the perfect matching wine even before the waitstaff can get a word in. Soon friends and family will call you the guru-yere of cheese, and who wouldn’t want that?

Our Cheese matching Workshops are currently only available in certain locations in Victoria. Please call 1300 261 545 for more information!

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Cheese Matching Workshops - Delicious, Fun, and Gouda for you!

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