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Juggling to Succeed Workshops - Fun Corporate Team Building

Juggling to Succeed Workshops - Fun Corporate Team Building

Do you need to motivate your team to achieve goals, both as a group, and as individuals?

Juggling has been in recorded history for nearly 4000 years. It’s a skill that has been exercised around the world, and even a pastime that has been studied by scientists to find its benefits. The answers are pretty positive: juggling improves brain health; it can improve dexterity as well as concentration; ward off cravings; and even fight off Alzheimer’s. The reason for this, is that juggling is encouraging growth in nerve fibres in the brain. It is a fun and very novel way to not just foster good teambuilding, but actually improve each person’s overall mental and physical ability.


This accelerated learning Juggling to Succeed workshop may show varied results for each person, however every participant is guaranteed to walk away from the session being able to juggling three balls.

More importantly, the process will provide them with a better understanding of:

  • How they respond or react to being set a new task (especially one that may seem arduous or unachievable)
  • How their mind and body learns a new skill
  • How they respond to success and/or failure
  • How they follow and prioritise instructions given
  • What are some of their limiting beliefs are

The Juggling to Succeed workshop sessions will be taught by Daniel, who is an accomplished performer and, more important, instructor for corporate teambuilding events. He has had extensive experience in both Performance and Corporate Sales, and this unique blend of knowledge places him as the perfect teacher for this juggling team building workshop.

His juggling skills workshops are high energy and focused. He begins by informing everyone that, within the next hour, they will learn how to juggle three balls. This is where the real learning begins – after he has dealt with the negativity and failures, the participants really begin learning about what they can and cannot achieve, and most importantly, why.

At the end of the session, everyone will be shrieking with joy from achieving a goal that they hadn’t believed they could. Their mindset will be completely turned around: from a reluctant, possibly defeatist attitude towards an insurmountable task, they will instead have a strong grasp that they can overcome challenges…and HOW they can do it! They will have overcome any limiting beliefs that were holding them back.

Daniel will also usually finish with a short demonstration of his juggling skills – the next steps to their learning – and what is achievable using this system. This is a great way to motivate them to always be looking forward in their skillset, and to be excited and encouraged at the ground yet to cover, rather than be daunted by it.

About Daniel Tusia

Daniel has been teaching juggling for the past 18 years, and has been training and teaching 1000s of people from all walks of life.

Juggling has taken Daniel from small beginnings as a busker to a major Hollywood Blockbuster. Daniel has worked as a Marketing Executive, Event Manger and Business Development Consultant as well as an Actor, Director, Writer and Producer on various shows around Victoria on stage and for film and television.

Drawing from his varied experiences in the worlds of Performance and Corporate Sales, Daniel provides individuals and teams with the tools to discover the confidence and motivation to set and tackle goals which they previously believed were beyond them.

Daniel manages to have immediate rapport with his audiences through his generous nature and joy of teaching and communication. He will ensure everyone feels at ease, and naturally encourages them to get active and involved.

Recommendations and Requirements

Juggling Balls

It is strongly recommended that participants are given juggling balls to keep (at extra cost), so that they can continue their learning long after the workshop ends. It’s also a great memento to always remind them of their achievement and their capabilities.

The-Daily-Drink-co branded juggling balls

Things that Daniel would need:

  • Whiteboard (not compulsory, but very useful)
  • Stage/podium to be seen clearly
  • P.A. and headset microphone (we can provide them if necessary, at extra cost)
  • Water on each table, or a water station in the room – juggling can be thirsty work!

What Daniel brings:

3 sets of balls for everyone (hire only)

Watch the Corporate Juggling Workshop in action! Videos here and here

While we also offer the Circus Workshop teambuilding, the Juggling to Succeed workshops are specially designed for personal development. This workshop can be as light-hearted, or intense, as you desire – it can simply be a short skills session, but for maximum effect and success, it is recommended that you contact us to chat with Daniel about what is best for your staff. Remember, this workshop isn’t just about learning how to juggle, it’s about learning how to learn, and bettering oneself. The benefits from this workshop will last the participants a whole lifetime.


Here are some feedback from previous participants:

"The art of juggling was not about catching the balls – it was about throwing them. This change of perspective could help tackle other problems too"

“It taught me about breaking down tasks and change them into manageable chunks, and asking for support and working together”.

"Fabulous way to push the envelope."

Juggling to Succeed Workshops - Fun Corporate Team Building

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