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Minute to Win It Corporate Team Building

Minute to Win It Corporate Team Building

Looking for indoor team building games that get the blood pumping? You've got it with: Minute to Win It!

You may have seen it on TV: Minute-To-Win-It games are all about fun! Challenges are designed to test both Individual and Team strengths in the fields of creativity, dexterity, lateral thinking, planning and of course, teamwork! Facilitated by one of our Character Hosts, the Minute-To-Win-It corporate team building event is an entertaining collection of games that allow everyone to shine.

Minute-To-Win-It corporate Team Building will have everyone buzzing, allowing the group to bond and see each other in a completely different light. Perfect for social occasions, conference breakouts or as a fun, team building event, your guests will be raving about it for years!

Here are some Minute-game ideas:

1) Oreo Face Race – Person sits on a chair with an Oreo on their face. The person must use face muscles only to move the Oreo from forehead to mouth. Think squinting, frowning blinking – if dropped must start again!

oreo face race

2) Tim Tam Slam – Split into teams of 3 and nominate who will do what. For example, Person A eats the Vegemite covered Tim Tam till finished, then Person B eats the Weet-Bix till finished (with no liquid to help), and then Person C blows up a balloon until it pops in their face. First team to complete all three wins!

tim tam vegemite

3) Rapid Fire – Person sits on a chair with a tissue box in their lap and they must pluck out all of the tissues, using only their left hand – quickest person to empty the box wins! 


4) Mad Dog – 2x Tic Tac boxes are stuck on the ends of a ruler. By placing the ruler in their mouth and shaking their heads, players need to empty both Tic Tac boxes completely – first to do so wins!


5) Sticky Situation – Players must bounce ping pong balls at least once from behind a foul line, before it sticks to a slice of bread covered in Peanut Butter, 3 metres away. First to do so wins!

6) Defying Gravity – Each player has 3x inflated balloons that they must keep off the ground. Players may not hold balloons, allow them to rest on the body, or hit the ground – last player to have all 3 balloons in the air is the winner!


7) Suck It Up – Working in teams of 3, each player has to transfer 25 M&Ms from one paper plate to another, using a straw and only one hand – the first team to transfer all 75 M&Ms wins!

All you have to do is choose which games you want to play, get all the props ready (they can all be easily found at your local supermarket), and let us know! Our professional hosts can be tailored to suit your theme, so don't be shy about having peculiar requests, either!

Not all of the games have to involve all players, so teams can strategise and put forward the best candidates, while the others coach from the sideline. This promotes excellent communication as well as empathy and team spirit.

How will your team benefit from Minute-to-win-it games?

Read the list of benefits participants gain from team-building mini-games; you may find it very similar to the list you have already written down as objectives for your next team building event:

  • All members can achieve the outcomes,
  • A unique and enjoyable experience for you and your team,
  • Creation and development of sustainable team performance behaviours,
  • Re-invigorate, re-energise and re-focus teams,
  • Builds camaraderie, openness and stronger relationships,
  • Heighten the sense of team organisational values,
  • Increase self-esteem,
  • Effectively work towards common goals,
  • Target diversity and inclusion as a team success factor.

This adaptation of the popular and exhiliarating TV competition series is a great way to bond teams, improve focus, and build a shared language of achievement.

It’s the most fun your team will have while team building indoors. Contact us to talk about how the bloodpumping Minute-games can shoot your company to new targets.

For more event themes, feel free to browse through our Themes pages, or alternatively call or contact us to speak to us about coming up with your own themed events! We cater for corporate and private events, nothing is too big!

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Minute to Win It Corporate Team Building

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