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Liquid Nitrogen Gelato/Ice Cream Workshop

Liquid Nitrogen Gelato/Ice Cream Workshop

Do you love ice cream? Of course you do. Liquid-Nitrogen Ice cream is the coolest dessert option right now – so what if we tell you, you can learn to make some yourself?

A Delicious, Hands On Workshop

Guided by cool-headed connoisseurs, the workshop will be inclusive experience of everything you need to know about making liquid nitrogen gelato.

You’ll learn the difference between normal ice cream and liquid nitrogen gelato by taste testing each, then you’ll learn how to make your own liquid nitrogen gelato from scratch. You’ll stay hands on throughout the whole process, until you have a delicious serving of self-made liquid nitrogen gelato treat in front of you, with mix-ins that you made yourself.

Make it a fun team building day

The joy of experiential learning is a great team building exercise, and the promise of delicious food means everyone will be extra eager to work together. The liquid nitrogen gelato workshop is done in groups of four, which provides plenty of opportunities for teamwork as well as friendly competition between groups.

Invite a host character to play a celebrity chef and create an even more fun atmosphere! Pretend like you are on a special dessert cooking competition, and have the gelato connoisseur and the celebrity judge pass down judgements to see who made the best tasting, best looking and all around best gelato.

A wonderful treat for a special occasion

Why not get together for a special liquid nitrogen gelato making workshop for a special occasion? There’s no sweeter way to start a Hen’s Night or a special Birthday.

Please note: the workshop requires a minimum of 8 participants, and a minimum age of 15. You must also be able to stand for up to 3 hours. Other requirements and restrictions apply, so make sure you call us on 1300 261 545 to see if this workshop is available for you. Currently, the liquid nitrogen gelato workshop is only available in Melbourne.

Do you want all the sweets without the sweat? We also offer liquid nitrogen ice cream catering for your event. Check it out here.

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Liquid Nitrogen Gelato/Ice Cream Workshop

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