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Science Fiction Event Theme – Sci-Fi Geekfest

Science Fiction Event Theme – Sci-Fi Geekfest

Here’s your excuse to geek out! Have a sci-fi themed party

Look ahead to the future with a party theme that transcends time! From fembots fresh off the assembly line ready to greet your guests, to an Android Magician who has hacked the matrix of magic tricks, a futuristic science fiction party will broaden your guests’ imagination for what the future will hold.

A stylish event theme choice

The Sci fi theme idea is perfect for those parties that have already done more traditional event themes, and want to try something new. This stylish theme will give your guests a technological experience they only thought existed in movies.

Inspired by retro sci-fi classics, and paired with modern event technology, the science fiction party theme will fully immerse your guests in an event experience that they’ll be talking about for months to come.

Cutting edge event technology

Imagine your event enhanced by technology that your guests can interact with. Unique photo booth tech like the Mirror Selfie booth or the GIF booth give your guests a different way to take photos at the event, and the Beat Brix DIY DJ box puts the power of music in your hands.

The iPad Magician has harnessed the mysterious dimension between a smart device, and the fabric of reality itself. Your guests will gasp in shock as what appears on screen has suddenly transformed into a real life object.

Don’t forget the LED Dancers, whose robotic costumes and machine-precision choreography will create the illusion of a single dancer multiplying. Or how about a mind-bending laser light show?

What’s your Sci Fi party?

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Science Fiction Event Theme – Sci-Fi Geekfest

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