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Team Anthem Corporate Team Building Workshop

Team Anthem Corporate Team Building Workshop

If there’s one universal language, it’s the language of music. Help bridge gaps in your team and build better relationships through the team anthem workshop – where your team can create their own song with original lyrics, and perform it! Read on to learn more about this unique team building experience.

Create something great together

Under the guidance of skilled and friendly musicians, your team will brainstorm keywords related to your theme – be it the service your company provides, a new product, etc – then work together to create a song…the team anthem.

Challenge yourselves to achieve new heights

The team anthem workshop is suitable for all musical skill and experience levels, including absolute beginners. This means it is the perfect opportunity for everyone to challenge themselves, and step out of their comfort zones in order to achieve new heights as a team member.

Participants can choose to sing, or play an instrument to contribute to the performance of the team anthem – this is the moment where people’s hidden talents can really shine! You’ll be surprised to discover all sorts of talents coming out of the woodwork.

Flexible for different group sizes

Depending on your group size and your team building needs, the team anthem workshop can be catered to accommodate. From a 2-hour mini-workshop to a 2-day event to be spent how you wish, you have the options to really get involved and engage your team in a truly unique team building workshop.

The best part is, you will receive a professional sound recording and video recording of the finished product – it’s yours to keep, and to show off at your end of year awards night or as a motivational tool. You can even use it as a way to promote your business or product!

That’s right – your team gets to keep a professional recording of the song that they have created.

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Team Anthem Corporate Team Building Workshop

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