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That 80s Game Show – A Trivia Night/Bingo Evening filled with Nostalgia for the 1980s

That 80s Game Show – A Trivia Night/Bingo Evening filled with Nostalgia for the 1980s

It’s time to don the giant sunglasses, pull on the parachute pants, and chuck on a chunky sweater – we’re visiting the awesome cultural phenomenon that is the 1980s!

With trivia questions, fun mini-games, daring dance-offs, and filled with the best music from the 80s, you and your guests are in for a whole evening of fully hosted, fully righteous, good, retro, fun!

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A really radical take on your average Bingo and Trivia Night

Do you love Trivia Night – but want to host a much more engaging event than a pen-and-paper affair? Perhaps you’re after the familiar feeling of Bingo Night, but want a little more than the numbers being called out?

That 80s Game Show utilises the best aspects of both Trivia Night and Bingo events, while adding on an extra, warm, fuzzy layer of entertainment and enticing engagement. It’s an easy to learn game that’s suitable for any kind of guest list, and is bound to get them off their seats and dancing. There is a little something for everyone at That 80s Game Show, and it's a game show where anyone could win - so get ready to see everyone's competitive side come out!

Heeeeere’s Johnny! – How do you play That 80s Game Show?

You might think it's like your average Bingo event – the hosts will call out numbers, and every player tries to fill out their sheet. Whoever wins Bingo first, earns 10 points for their team. That’s right, you play in teams! So find the Goose to your Maverick, the Bill to your Ted, or the Baby to your Swayze, and team up!

But winning Bingo isn’t all - where’s the 80s in that? Some of the numbers will trigger a spontaneous trivia question, a sing-along, or another kind of surprise challenge! Each one will be designed to maximise your nostalgia for the retro decade, so get ready to party. Compete in each challenge to earn even more points for your team – who will be the ultimate 80s champion?

Dress to impress – here are some 1980s dress-up costume ideas

The best way to experience That 80s Game Show is to come decked out in the best of 80s fashion. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Parachute pants with high-waist belt
  • Giant chunky colourful sweaters – the daggier the better
  • Retro branded clothing – think Coca Cola; Nike; Pepsi!
  • Fake mullets (or real ones!)
  • Fake handlebar moustaches (or real ones!)

For more 80s women fashion:

  • Bright coloured accessories like sunglasses, bangles, and hoop earrings
  • Tease your hair and load on the hairspray

For more 80s men fashion:

  • Matching set of sportswear – matching track-pants and jackets!
  • Long sleeve velour shirts

Alternatively, don the outfit of your favourite 80s film and TV characters, and celebrities:

  • Luke and Bo Duke from Dukes of Hazzard
  • Crockett from Miami Vice
  • Tom Selleck in Magnum, P.I
  • Madonna
  • Wham!
  • The A-Team
  • Tina Turner…and more!

We live in a 80s Show World – are you a 80s Show Girl/Guy?

That 80s Game Show is the ideal event entertainment option for events looking for a fully organised evening of fun, while enjoying a perfectly curated blast from the past sure to tickle any 80s lover’s funny bone. There is the option to extend the dancing and fun and keep the night going with DJ hire – let us know if you wish to book this!

Are you not a child of the 80s? Perhaps you are more of a #90skidonly? Do not fear – for we have a Game Show dedicated to the 1990s as well! Learn more here, or enquire with us now about your event.

If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!



That 80s Game Show – A Trivia Night/Bingo Evening filled with Nostalgia for the 1980s

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