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That 90s Game Show – The Ultimate 90s Nostalgia Challenge!

That 90s Game Show – The Ultimate 90s Nostalgia Challenge!

Looking for a Corporate Trivia Night or Party Game that's Da Bomb? From Beverly Hills 90210, to Tamagotchis, and don’t forget the Macarena! That 90s Game Show will take you down a memory lane filled with everything 90s, and maybe dredge up a few memories long forgotten...

Warning, this page is filled with 90s cultural references - just like this game show!

Don't be trippin', dude, have a 90s nostalgia party!

Start your 90s nostalgia right - get into the right gear! Your event will be hosted by two characters dressed in the most quintessential 90s outfit. Or why not bring in some real big-names of the 90s? We’re talking Austin Powers, or the meddling kids from Mystery Inc. (and their dog, too)! Or speak to us about any other Impersonators you'd like to be hosting your event.

Invite your guests to all come decked out in 90s swag, including:

  • Neon windbreakers
  • Crop tops and snapbacks
  • Ripped jeans or overalls
  • Capris pants
  • Bandanas and wristbands
  • Double denim
  • ...and more!

britney and justin denim

It’s just like every other boring event. NOT!

Feed your Tamagotchi, and tuck in your Beanie Babies, ‘cos you’re in for a great night ahead. Whether it's a Corporate Night (workin' for the MAN) or the biggest party on the block, you and your guests will be treated to a full 3 hour extravaganza filled with 90s trivia questions, hilarious mini-games, and all kinds of multi-media nostalgia that will have everyone getting up in their seats.

Do you want to get everyone active and involved? Do you want to see a side of your friends and colleagues you’ve never seen before? We’ll help make it all come true. That 90's Game Show is the perfect idea for staff parties, corporate functions and awards night, not to mention birthdays, or just 'cause!

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Confused? Yeah, so is every millenial. Read on to find out how you can play your 90s themed party.

What happens at That 90s Game Show?

Imagine Bingo, but completely re-designed and filled to the brim with mini-games and activities. Everyone works in teams, and get their individual bingo sheet. Like your good old classic Bingo games, your hosts will be calling out Bingo numbers, and whoever fills out their sheet first wins 10 points for their team...except that doesn't guarantee their team's win for the whole game! 

the simpsons bingo

Every Bingo number called is another chance to win more points. Some Bingo numbers will trigger a 90s era song, movie clip, or cultural reference for everyone to sing, dance and reminisce to. But, don't get too comfortable, because at any moment the hosts could spring a surprise challenge with points to give away. Get ready to show off your mad dancing skills, hella karaoke pipes, and any and all abilities to earn some sweet, sweet POINTS!

Check out what the game looks like when you play it! How radical is this?!

Some Bingo numbers will trigger a trivia question, where your team will have to put on their thinking hats and open up a can of whoop-ass on their opponents to answer the question...for POINTS! It's your chance to show off your amazing knowledge of everything 1990's trivia and pop culture knowledge!

nice gif

What's the POINT of all of this? Not only is this game show a whole heap of wicked fun, it's a very engaging way to create friendships and strengthen bonds between team members, and a major stress relief! And, at the end of the day, winning isn't everything.

south park gif

The freshest prince of all event games

That 90s Game Show is designed to be a fully engaged, fully hosted, 3 hours of hella mad fun. It means that all you have to do on the night is sit back and join in on the mayhem. You have the freedom to join in on the fun that you created - maybe you can come up with slang that's more groan inducing than our hosts'. WE DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU.

Our professional hosts will ensure that the event runs on schedule, and that everyone’s getting involved. Their experience in event hosting means that they’ll never push someone to do something they don’t want to, but will also encourage participation and laughter. Hakuna Matata!

hakuna matata

That’s what makes That 90s Game Show the perfect idea for all sorts of functions and event types. Is it the birthday party of a 90s kid? Hit us up for some fresh ideas. Or are you doing team building events, corporate functions, even fundraisers? Enquire about this event idea, and make sure you include your event goals (do you want people to have fun? Learn more about each other? Absolutely destroy Greg in accounting the know-it-all?), so that we can give you the best entertainment options.


"Thank you for a wonderful evening. All of the guests were very happy with the night and enjoyed it very much (even the skeptical ones!). And the boss has asked where I found your company and were happy to know that you do other types of entertainment options as well for the future." - Emily Dawson, Corona

"The 90’s Trivia was awesome, the team had so much fun getting into it. The hosts we had were awesome, they did a fantastic job getting everyone into it and flooding our minds with the good old days." - Valerie McMahon, Americold

How to make your 90s game show even more jumpin'

Make sure you start That 90s Game Show off on the right foot with welcoming entertainment. Snap up your guests’ amazing outfits by greeting them at the door with our paparazzi performers – and make sure you add a professional events photographer in the mix to receive the photos after the event. The paparazzi’s amazing energy will pump up everyone’s mood and get them ready for the fun ahead.

Why not hire a DJ to keep playing those mad 90s tunes after the game show ends? It’s the best way to end the party! Talk to us for more ideas on how to add even more entertainment to your event to make sure it’s not a buzz kill.

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If you have an event coming up, and need party ideas, a host, entertainment, or some out-of-the-box thinking, we are the ones to call. Providing party ideas and event entertainment Australia wide, call us on 1300 261 545, or send us an enquiry to get started!



That 90s Game Show – The Ultimate 90s Nostalgia Challenge!

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