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EOFY Party Themes 2024: Top Ideas to Celebrate Your Team’s Success

As the End of the financial year draws closer, foster more robust bonds with a creative and engaging themed event. A suitable theme can transform your corporate event into an exciting and memorable experience. Here’s a look at some top themes for 2024 that promise fun, interaction, and a lot of team spirit. 1. Murder […]

Corporate Team Building Ideas

Let’s face it, the usual corporate team building exercises are bland and boring. You’ve been put in charge of coming up with something that will bring your co-workers together and ultimately boost productivity within the workplace. However, you don’t want to be responsible for a boring day that was expected to be fun and light-hearted. […]

The Secret to an Immersive & Memorable Event

So you want to know the secret to an immersive & memorable event? What do you think are the most popular attractions at Disneyland? The rides? The shows? The fireworks? It’s actually the character meet & greets. Characters are crucial to the success of any major theme park. If there’s one thing the lines are […]

Looking back on 2016 with Applause

Looking back on 2016 with Applause Entertainment 2016 has been an absolute whirlwind adventure at Applause Entertainment. With more Murder Mysteries, Game Show LIVES, paparazzi hordes, and general fun than we have had ever before, it’s time we start looking back on 2016 and some of the crazy moments we had this year. It’s truly […]

How to have a Happy Halloween

Super Spooky Seasonal Entertainment Last week, we were talking about the art of body painting. With Halloween coming up, you’ll be seeing a lot more body and face painting for costumes, or just for a bit of fun. We love Halloween, because it’s a time when everyone’s wearing costumes – which we do all year […]

Hold Your Own Spring Racing Carnival Event

How to Hold Your Own Spring Racing Carnival Event There’s no better way to experience Spring Racing than to attend the races themselves. But, for those of you who can’t make it down to the tracks, or who doesn’t prefer limping home with sprained ankles and fractured pride, we’ve got something that you can enjoy […]

Can You Take A Joke? Political Correctness

Seriously… can you take a joke? Are people becoming too sensitive? Can we still take a joke? Or should we be more discerning about what we consider to be humorous? Political correctness is a touchy subject – sure, there are some things that are definitely a no-go zone, and some jokes that can be widely […]

Celebrate the Four Seasons

Celebrate the Four Seasons at Applause Entertainment For Melbournians, experiencing all four seasons in one day is not a novelty. For those who live in less temperamental parts of Australia, there are still ways you can experience the four seasons…at your next celebration or event! Read on to find out how entertainment can help you […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a DJ

4 Reasons why you should Hire a DJ for your Event Music is an important and unomittable part of any event, whether it be a big birthday bash, a corporate function, a public festival, or even for promotional campaigns. More than just background music, the right mix of tracks can make the difference between a […]